Friday, February 18, 2011

FDLE - The Trash Pull from Melinda's Dumpster

Those of us, who have been following this case from its onset, most certainly have seen the "items in the trash".  Here is the link to the pictures released by Leesburg Police Department one year after Trenton's disappearance.

However, the pictures that were "selected" for the public to view, were part of the "manipulation" of the Media to paint Melinda as an uncaring mother who threw out precious items that would remind her of her son. This implied that Melinda must have done away with Trenton and didn't want any reminders of her dastardly deed around.

In all the public records that I purchased from FDLE the following pictures of the trash pull were included. Actually, there were TWO trash pulls. One the day after Trenton went missing and the second on September 5, 2006.  It seems quite questionable to me that there were many items displayed in the "trash dumpster" that were neatly folded, and carefully placed in suitcases (with paper wrapped around items to keep them from breaking). 

In the days following Trenton's abduction, Melinda told her grandparents that when Trenton was found she could never live in that same apartment. In fact, she was afraid to even go there. After Melinda died, there were still many of her things in the apartment, including Trenton's toddler bed. The grandparents removed these items after she died. They donated some household items to charity.

So the question is...who put those carefully packed suitcases in the dumpster as if they were meant to be thrown away?


Anonymous said...

I know and speak to a criminal defense attorney on a daily basis. The other day I asked him if he ever heard about this case to which he replied he did not. I gave him very few details, just that Trenton was "abducted" and after his mother went on NG she "committed suicide" - my question to him was about the shot gun - he is a gun enthusiast (to say the VERY least about that) I told him there were two shots - he stopped me right there and said "She did not committ suicide, if there were two shots - let me ask if the police are saying it was a practice shot - (I told him they did) - No, if she shot the gun as a practice shot she would have been deaf #1 and #2 too scared to pull the trigger again." IMO - Melinda was murdered and all of the before and after was staged.

MTP - please continue what you are doing. Try to find ANYONE that will listen and take this investigation on who will not have a biased mind and eye. Keep up the good work.

Maytruthprevail said...

Anonymous, show the Two Shots Two Shotguns article to your atty friend. Mention how the clip was jammed in backwards and could not fire and that the gun had to be manually loaded TWICE. And if Melinda had been alive when she was shot with that shotgun, wouln't there be blood coming from the entry wound down the front of her torso? She had NO blood whatsoever. Her blood was very dark and only under her head which laid on top of the carpet in a thick pool. It "appears" to me that she was dead before she was shot with the shotgun and that she was "positioned" in the closet with the long shotgun (as tall as she was) with the butt of the gun under her left foot and the barrel of the gun cradled in her right hand. Her jean cuffs looked like they were used to lift her legs and position them. It amazed me how she could have fallen so neatly between all the packages on the floor and not land on top of any. The closet is extremely small.

Maytruthprevail said...

If Melinda was found dead at the pet cemetery, with her suicide notes in the car and used her own loaded 20 gauge shotgun that she had unlocked and kept in her car, I would have believed she committed suicide. BUT...she did not.

So while yes, the suicide notes were written, her gun was still in the car, Melinda was contemplating suicide but did she actually commit suicide?

The problem is that the coroner and the police ASSUMED she committed suicide. They ASSUMED she had previous mental problems and ASSUMED she had tried to kill herself and was BAKERACTED.

The problem is that ALL their information was based on LIES. LIES by Joshua Duckett.

And therein lies the problem.

Anonymous said...

MTP - He just read and looked at that post "Two Shots Two Shotguns". He said that the lack of blood and splatter leads him to believe that she was not killed there. Because he has done this for years and has many, many guns - if you go out into the woods and shoot a deer and see what type of damage and blood splatter there would be anyone would know that Melinda did not commit suicide. He also said that with how they say they found the gun on her with the barrel in her right hand is impossible if they say she used her toe to pull the trigger. He did say that a double barrel shot gun loads differently than a pump action - so she possibly could have placed the cartridges in wrong. This is just his opinion though. It didn't take him but a minute to say that if I could possibly know these logical things but the police are stating suicide then the police are either covering for one of their own or someone else.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to say that IF she pulled the trigger with her toe, the gun would most likely have recoiled up and away from her body, not landing nicely on her stomach and in her hand.

ashley on fire said...

Oh my god, I am so happy to have found your blog. I'm Ashley, from Facebook. Mindy was one of my best friends in highschool, and we were in touch until the day before she died, in fact I called her the day she died, too late.

Thank you, so much, for doing this. I'm frankly a bit ashamed of myself for not doing more.

It truly is wonderful to find someone writing about her, and NOT bashing her. I will follow this closely from now on!

And I'd love to be in touch with her grandparents, I never knew how to get in touch with them, if you felt comfortable sending me their info, I would appreciate it. If they are open to that, of course. I know you don't know me, but I started this group on FB, and you messaged me.!/group.php?gid=2209446304

Let me know if I can help at all, I miss Mindy and think of her and Trent every day.