Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FDLE Interview - Jason Varnum

Jason Varnum was and still is friends with Phil Mitchell. The day of Phil Mitchell's second interview, Phil had already called Jason to give him the heads up of what was going on. Also, Jason had already been interviewed by Leesburg Police the day after Trenton went missing yet Leesburg Police played "dumb" about who Jason Varnum was during Phil's interview. But I guess that was LP's strategy.

Jason stated that he had dated Melinda and was her BF after Phil Mitchell was her BF. But then according to Phil, Phil had a long term relationship with Melinda. Also when Jason was with Melinda, Trenton was only a few months old. So I would imagine when he referred to Trenton crying a lot, perhaps Trenton was teething? Though, it seemed he was trying to imply that Melinda mistreated Trenton and left him crying in his room as if he were a toddler. Jason also stated that whenever he went up to Trenton, Trenton would cry. Again, he's trying to make Melinda look like she would hurt Trenton. His sister Audrey Turner also spoke to Leesburg.

It also appears that everything - all info about the email etc and any other "damaging info" that he could come up with was according to Cara Mitchell or Phil Mitchell.

Here is the interview.

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