Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FDLE - Trenton Duckett Sighting

This is very disturbing to me. A young 14 year old girl comes forward and states that she actually hugged Trenton the day AFTER he was missing.  She said she did not know Josh Duckett however she picked out Josh Duckett from a "lineup" of pictures and said that was the person she saw Trenton with at the Croom-A-Coochee Park that Monday after Trenton was taken. The young girl is Kristen Cabbage. She goes by Kristiey. She stated that she recognized Trenton as being a child her girlfriend Ashlee Jacobs babysat. However, when FDLE interviewed Ashlee (age 13) she and her mother stated that she did not babysit Trenton but another child who had blonde hair. Although it was not stated if the blonde haired child had the same name of Trenton.  And since Trenton is Asian/Caucasian and not blonde I can't see how Kristiey would be so mistaken. Actually I believe Kristiey saw Trenton Duckett that day.

Upon looking up some info I discovered that the Cabbages lived only a short distance from Carla Massero's home in Webster at that time.. The Jacobs also lived in the neighborhood. I also looked up Croom-A-Coochee State Park and they do have a swimming hole.

Upon looking up some info I discovered that the Cabbages lived only a short distance from Carla Massero's

Edit June 21, 2013:  I took a trip to the area earlier this year and discovered a swimming hole within 11 minute walking distance from Carla's house. The picture is below:

While Kristiey stated that the person with Trenton was "a little taller than her", she being 5"2" at the time, and Josh being 6'4" , it doesn't state if he was in the swimming hole or standing up next to the water. If Josh was in the water she wouldn't have seen any tattoos on his stomach.

I am sending this article as a message to Kristiey's myspace. I hope to hear her side of the story. Again, why would the child respond to the name Trenton and how would she have picked Josh out of a lineup of who she saw that day. I think she was right...that she saw Trenton Duckett.

Here are the FDLE reports:


Anonymous said...

The problem that I see with this 13 yr old having seen what appeared to be Josh with Trenton, the day after he was reported missing, is just that. It would be VERY brave of anyone to be out and about with a kidnapped child, but especially still in the same general area where the child was kidnapped from. Not saying it couldn't happen, it would just be extremely unlikely. But then again, what's that saying, "Hiding in plain sight"?

Maytruthprevail said...

Here is the comment I received from Ashlee Jacobs when I sent her a message for Kristiey. Apparently she thinks that Kristiey is a liar.

(From Ashlee Jacobs)
5/11/2010 3:51 PM

To: Maytruth

u guys are so fucking bullshit liers josh did not take trenton u dumbasses

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Maytruth
Date: May 11, 2010 4:31 PM

I am unable to send this message to Kristiey and I want her to read the article I published on my webpage. Can you please forward this to her. Thank you.....Kristiey,....I have a website defending Melinda Duckett. I have printed an article about your interview with FDLE concerning sighting Trenton Duckett at the Croom A Coochee swimming hole. Please read the article and let me hear from you. I believe you saw him that day as I believe Josh Duckett and his family took Trenton out that window and blamed Melinda.....I hope to hear from you. Here is the article.......http://duckettbucket.blogspot.com/2010/05/fdle-tre

Anonymous said...

Is there still a reward being offered for info that leads to finding what happened to "T"? If so, would this "K" person be eligible for it if it leads to something?

Maytruthprevail said...

There is $11,000 reward money for sure. $5,000 from Crimeline and $6,000 that was donated from the Eubanks Church in Lady Lake to Crimeline. What is left of all the monies collected for the Trenton Duckett Family Trust, including $5,000 donated by Sinfully Sweets restaurant in Leesburg is unknown, as Laurie Konnerth the sole signatory of that trust fund doesn't feel she has to give an accounting. I believe she became a director of KidFinders Network in order to come under their umbrella of a 501 charity. But she's vacated that position, which was probably a wise decision on her part.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that there is a money jar in the Ft Lauderdale area bearing Trenton Ducketts picture asking for donations, and the sponsor/requestor of those funds is none other than KidFinders Network. Someone was kind enough to email me a picture.

Maytruthprevail said...

To Anonymous (first comment)
While the sighting seems to be "unlikely" it was at 5PM (daylight savings time in the middle of the summer) and it was in a remote area - see the directions of how to get to the swimming hole - by the motorcross trails (which Josh is a motorcross bike rider). So it actually was not in the general area where Trenton was taken (near Webster as opposed to Leesburg). But I am certain that IF Josh was even questioned about it, he would say:
"I was with my parents", his USUAL alibi for any accusations against HIM.

Maytruthprevail said...

Reading over the two FDLE interviews. KC was "put under oath" and gave a "sworn statement". She was asked did she know the difference between the truth and a lie.She was certain that it was Josh Duckett at the swimming hole. She was also certain that the child was the same as the picture of Trenton Duckett. She also stated that she recognized the child as the one who was babysat by AJ.

Now AJ was only 13 at the time. Her mother was with her. KC did not have a parent with her when she was interviewed.

The mother of AJ stated that they never babysat Trenton. It appears to me that AJ knows Josh Duckett very well as to what her response was to my inquiry.

So one of them is lying. Which one had the motive to lie?

Maytruthprevail said...

Also, KC said "Hi TRENTON" AND THE CHILD CAME RUNNING OVER TO HER AND THEY HUGGED". Apparently Trenton recognized her, from somewhere or why would he run over to her at the call of his name.

Was the other child named Trenton?

Maytruthprevail said...

Would the other child be with someone who looked like Josh Duckett?

Jaylergirl said...

I have been following this case since the beginning & am wanting to believe in Melinda's innocence....the only problem I have with this sighting is that it was the day after Trenton was reported missing. Being less than 24 hours into the search for Trenton, I find it highly unlikely that either Melinda or Joshua were out of LE eyesight. With being questioned & starting news conferences, I just find it hard to believe. Not trying to be negative, just trying to think of the reality.

Maytruthprevail said...

Thanks for your comment and for wanting to believe in Melinda's innocence.

I can understand your reality (about being followed by FBI, police vor BOTH Melinda and Josh)- IF that in fact was true. But I have some genuine concerns.

I have purchased all the PUBLIC RECORDS from FDLE. Where is the interview of Joshua Duckett? There was a short unimpressive interview with Carla Massero, and Josh Duckett gave some "tips" but they were to accuse Melinda, just like them bringing the porn pictures to implicate her more.

There were supposedly 5 people in the Massero home the night Trenton went missing. Where are all those interviews? Where are the interviews of the friends that Josh was supposedly with every minute of the night Trenton went missing? What about Jason Fort? Where is his interview?

Why were the Ducketts hanging out at the police station? Not just themselves, but a whole group of people. Were they running interference in case any tip that might point to them come in, you know like KC's sighting?

What a brazen thing to do, if in fact Josh DID take Trenton to the swimminghole - even though it was in a secluded area by the motorcross trails.

But what a brazen thing to do to have Melinda baker acted? What a brazen thing to do to cut the screen and remove Trenton right under Melinda's nose! What a brazen thing to do to put items in the trash to implicate Melinda? What a brazen thing to do to sit outside Melinda's apartment and hone in on her IP address with their laptop and send her a threatening email then send a comment to a friend 2 minutes after the deed was done. What a brazen thing to do to hire a hitman and have Melinda killed in broad daylight with the police down the street?

In Josh Duckett's words: "I can say anything and everyone will believe me."

I don't think the police followed Josh around at all.

princess_azure said...

"I can say anything and everyone will believe me" That's EXTREMELY disturbing. A symptom of sociopathy is using aliases (Josh Boggs) , deceitfulness (lying to CPS , the media etc.) and a gilb and superficial charm (Nancy Grace fawning over him Josh saying what nice guy he is).

If Josh were to be evaluated they would probably diagnose him with antisocial personality disorder.

Dani Sells mark. said...

And THIS is why adults shouldn't use the internet. I've been skimming through your blog and while I believe you have the absolute best intentions at heart, there are some formalities about the internet that I find that those over the age of 35 to be lacking in.

First, a lot of teenagers and young adults refer to each other as "bitch, slut, hoe, ass, retard, etc" it's an unfortunate part of youth culture. Using vulgarity as terms of endearment is something younger generations do.

Secondly, you want to involve a 14 year old girl in your crusade. You say you have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren and yet you still want to involve this child. Also, you're going through her friends sending them information that's meant to be for her... Obviously the young lady has no interest in involving herself any further than she already has, for if she were interested, she would have invested more time and energy into this cause.

Some how the rules of etiquette get thrown out over the internet. We send emails, make comments, and harass others in ways we would not do in our normal day to day lives. If Kristiey had truly seen Trenton I'm sure she's beating herself up for not preventing his disappearance or for not able to assist even further.

Maytruthprevail said...

I appreciate your words and yes my intentions are to vindicate a young woman who barely turned 21. The young girl who so trustingly came forward to tell the truth was 14 then, but is 18 now.

It amazes me how law enforcement is so ready to believe those who are for Josh and do not believe those who are for Melinda. They've already made up their mind.

It also amazes me how all the public records are ONLY about Melinda and NOT about Josh Duckett.
Where is Josh Duckett's interview?
Why wasn't Josh's mother Carla polygraphed? Why not Jason Fort, the man Melinda believed took Trenton out the window? Why because they all were each other's alibi?

The media as well as the law enforcement agencies have all made a huge error. Josh did NOT have SHARED CUSTODY OF THRENTON. Josh had only visitation. Melinda had SOLE CUSTODY.

I don't quite understand why you brought up the bad language issue. KC's friend used it, but she said u guys are liers. I'm reporting from public records and AJ made one statement, and KC made an entirely different statement. So one of those "u guys" is a liar. Was it KC? (why would she come forward with any story at all?) Or was AJ too young to babysit and her mother didn't want to "be involved"?

There were many sightings of Trenton and the extent that the LE went to investigate was phenomenal. But it was ONLY those sightings that would say Melidna handed Trenton off or graves in a forest.

My question is why haven't they really investigated this "sighting"? The extent of their investigation is what has been posted here.

I receive messages all the time on myspace and facebook. I have "talked" to many of Melinda's friends and only heard good things about her.

I am proud of that young girl who came forward. I hope no one would harass her or belittle her. I certainly didn't harass her or her friend. I simply asked a polite question.

Which one was telling the truth?

princess_azure said...

Just now I was reading on topix and apparently someone is starting a rumor that the reason Melinda was sent to FL because she pulled a knife on her parents. Then this person said that Beth denies it even though there's "proof" *eyeroll*.

Isn't it odd that they would post this right after you'd written this article. One question , if Melinda supposedly pulled a knife on her parents , why did they wait until NOW to release that info? Just when the lawsuit is underway. It looks like the walls are closing in on the Ducketts.

Maytruthprevail said...

What they are talking about is the Richard Giles addition to the CNN lawsuit. There is an FBI report - 15 pages - that was released attached to a Stephen Hudak article regarding Melinda typing out what she was going to say on the Nancy Grace show. What they mentioned - pulling a knife on her mother - is part of that report.

However, and this is a BIG however, they based their report largely on a questionnaire they asked three people to complete. The three people?

Josh Duckett
Carla Massero
Ruth Gilligan

The last of the three, Gilligan, was the DCF person who was going to place Trenton under the custody of Carla Massero. That is until Nicey Martin and Barbara Nolen had their say and Melinda was given SOLE CUSTODY May 26, 2006.

bgmustang said...

The most shocking admission to these documents and this investigation to me are the questions not being asked or supporting documents not being provided. The investigation was either so poorly being handled at the time or intently being misdirected with only one absolute purpose in assuming and proving Melinda was guilty and Trenton is dead.

The 13 year old girl was at a remote waterhole which required her to walk down atv/bike trails by herself or were her friends or parents with her? I don't question what she is saying, but I am completely dismayed at the lack of commitment to investigate and document every outstanding question that reasonable people would be asking.

These investigators Failed Trenton and Failed their community.

At this point I don't think Trenton will be found and guilt finalized, because it is already assumed. Nothing is being investigated regarding Josh and that is where the answer lies.

Where are the follow up interviews with Josh? You remember, the Father guilty of lieing and things worse than stated here. Where are his statements regarding his activities and how were those being validated? What activities did Josh do the following days after his son went missing?

If it were my son, I would be championing every possible effort in finding my child and not running off playing somewhere til he was found. Even four years later, there would be no life until my child was returned safe again. I would embrace every blog, interviewer, supporter, community member that would lend help in getting my child back.

Curious about his behaviour though and the behaviour of a normal parent. Do other parents with missing children go with the assumption that their child is dead and go on with life motorcrossing, vilifying their dead spouse, live off the proceeds of missing child donations, etc?

Or do normal parents hold onto the hope that their child is alive and pursue every action in their means to find them? Seems like the only people who assume their child is dead, are the ones eventually found guilty of killing them.

To me, that is the glaring obvious fact that everyone seems to be missing.

Maytruthprevail said...

You are echoing my thoughts as well.

I have always thought there was no urgency in the Ducketts trying to find Trenton. Melinda believed that the Ducketts took Trenton and therefore she wasn't as emotional as one might think if a stranger took her child. Time and time again, Carla and Josh tried to take Trenton away from Melinda. So why not this time?

As far as Josh's actions? He hung out with a 17 year old girl still in high school and impregnated her when Trenton was missing 6 months.
He never announced it and told the mother to stay in the background because they didn't want public sympathy to stop for the "poor father" and ultimately for the donations to keep rolling in.

Josh't idea of looking for Trenton is to have a pimped up truck with shiny wheels plastered with pictures of missing children that appear against a backdrop of flames. Great.

princess_azure said...

Carla may have dyed Trenton's hair blonde to disguise him.

Anonymous said...

On a hot August day, this park must have been packed with people cooling off in the swimmin hole. Why is there only one witness?
Most likely because it didn't happen.
That blows a Huge hole in your latest conspiracy theory doesn't it?

None of the documents you have posted prove anything. Too bad you don't have sense enough to spend your time doing something productive like getting off your ass and searching for Trenton. With all the time you have wasted pointing fingers and making accusations you could have found him by now.

Glenn's Cult? said...

This is actually very very simple. It is not about Trenton, Melinda, Josh (well a little about him due to his gender). This is about a backwards state that for the most part wants a return to the days of old. The days when women knew where their place was, and that was not in the public eye spewing what they call man hate.

This is NOT man hate. This is about protecting women from abuse, protecting children from abuse.

One need only read the papers to see who is doing the abusing and the killing. How many more families need to be destroyed by these family killing men before it is realized that most men are not cut out to be primary caretakers? A very small percentage of men can do this, just like a very small percentage of women are not meant to be mothers.

Now the thing to do is to start believing abuse allegations and doing something before it is too late.

Florida is a hotbed of corruption and woman hate and Lake county is the center of that hotbed. Well one of the centers anyway.

bgmustang said...

Anonymous June 14's comments I find interesting stating "to get off your ass". Isn't all of these documents, photo's, interviews, evidence of you "getting off your ass"?

I believe you should focus more on following the money and look more into this facade of a missing children's organization and their monetary ties with the Ducketts. I also think if the case is still open as stated by the police and FBI, that more pressure needs to be placed on them to start tracing the money and interview those that still have any involvement in this case.

"Anonymous" seems to be defensive in their statements, so that's where they need to remain...on defense. Start attacking, so "truth may prevail" and the cowards and killers of Melinda and Trenton are exposed.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere in the police reports, that when Melinda's apartment was searched, photographs of Trenton, and Trenton and Melinda together, and baby toys, and blankets, and maybe a baby book were found in the garbage outside her house. This alone makes Melinda look like a very guilty person to me. I have three children, and if, Heaven forbid, one of them were to ever go missing, I would certainly never throw away ANYTHING that they had ever touced!! Much less priceless things like photographs!! What was she thinking??

Maytruthprevail said...

Hi Anonymous
Thanks for writing your comment. I realize that there are many articles on this blog - over 100 - but we did address the very thing you commented on. There is a whole article and pictures from Melinda's baby book, which included the very picture found in the trash. Melinda had studio pictures made of her and Trenton and gave them to family. I am sure Josh and his family would have had at least one of the set of pictures taken. The last article written shows Trenton's shirts hanging in the closet where Melinda died. Melinda had hundreds of pictures of Trenton on CDs and in her phone. Trenton's things were brought to the grandparents home within a couple days of his abduction, including his toddler bed and favorite toys. One of the saddest pictures I saw in the Lady Lake Police pictures (other than the obivous crime scene photos) was a picture of all the birthday balloons and gifts from Trenton's birthday party sitting in a corner of her bedroom. Tore me up when I saw it.

You have to ask yourself the question: Why would Melinda put items in the trash, or do anything so obvious that would point to herself as a suspect if in fact she had done something with Trenton? Why didn't she trash the bedroom or move the toddler bed directly under the window if she had "staged the abduction"?

The only thing that makes sense is Melinda was set up - a retaliation tactic - because "somebody was mad at Melinda".

Anonymous said...

I got one thing to say, after all this time,how is it possble that little Trenton wasnt found yet.Are they looking for him?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, they don't need to "look for Trenton" because they already know where he is. "They" being Josh and Carla.

Maytruthprevail said...

It's nice to be able to monitor comments on my blog, especially when people are liars and I know who they are. Unfortunately for the poster who pretended to be "theDoe", you miscalculated. That poster from sticks of fire, usleuth, etc. She happens to be a dear friend of mine. I emailed her your comment.

As they say, nice try, but no cigar and no posted comment.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone checks the blog still. Is the reward still active for this case?

Maytruthprevail said...

Yes, people still check into the blog every day. The last 3 days since the Dr. Phil show covered the case, There were almost 2,000 views. The blog is up to 118,000 views from all over the world.

The reward is still available. The amount is unknown at this point. Whatever monies collected by the Ducketts they used it to pay their bills. The $6,000 from the Eubanks church is still available and $5,000 from crimeline.

Anonymous said...

How many days after Trenton went missing did the girl come forward? How can you be positive that she didn't just see the story on the news which I'm sure included pictures, and decided to get her 15 minutes of fame? What does the other girl gain by denying she babysat him? Nothing. When I was younger (like 7) I was watching America's Most Wanted and had a thought to say that one of the guys I saw was the grandfather of one of my friends. Maybe I'd get famous or something. You can't rule out the possibility that she's making it all up.

Maytruthprevail said...

The police canvassed Josh's neighborhood that Monday, just like they canvassed Melinda's neighborhood. They spoke to one of Melinda's neighbors who said she saw Melinda without Trenton the afternoon of the evening he went missing. Was she looking for 15 minutes of fame? When the police canvassed Josh's neighborhood they spoke with this young girl. They interviewed her the next day at her place of work without her parents and under oath. She was 14 at the time. She told them she knew the difference between tellling a lie and telling the truth. It's all in the report.

As far as Ashlee is concerned, it's obvious she knows Josh and sticks up for him. Her mother was there and basically spoke for her.

So again, the police decide who they believe based on who they are trying to build a case against.

And THAT is done all the time.

Anonymous said...

I think of this family often.... May Melinda rest in peace and God bless Trenton, where ever he may be. Blogger, you're doing an honorable thing by keeping this case a topic to be discussed, keep up the good work.