Monday, November 1, 2010

Josh Duckett Interview with FDLE

Where is the interview of Josh Duckett?


Anonymous said...

Now why on earth would they NOT interview Joshua, Trenton's own Father? Didn't everybody say he took a poly & passed? Well, if he did that, somebody had to interview him for something, right?

On another note, this just published today:

Nancy Grace settles lawsuit with the estate of Melinda Duckett
Published: Monday, November 8, 2010 at 2:54 p.m.

CNN talk show host Nancy Grace has reached a settlement with the estate of Melinda Duckett to create a $200,000 trust dedicated to locating Duckett's missing toddler,Trenton.

h he-estate-of-Melinda-Duckett

hmmm, now what was it that all the Melinda haters said about this lawsuit? Wasn't it something like "THIS" is what stopped the search for Trenton because the Eubanks were money hungry? Well, wonder how they feel now, err, never-mind, they never have seen the real evidence as evidence :(

I just hate that if accepted, this will dismiss everything against NG. She is such a disgrace!

princess_azure said...

Nancy Grace probably didn't want it to get out that her producers didn't investigate properly. This settlement was to save face; She took Josh's word and ran with it.

@ Anonymous , the Leesburg police dismissed any tip that didn't point to Melinda. We think they were complicit in this frame up.