Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Josh Duckett's Statement on Settlement

I suppose now that Josh Duckett is out of work (he quit/lost his job as a "landscaper"  because of having to appear in court - his story) I guess he can't wait to get his hands on this money.  And to think that the New York Eubanks were being called the greedy ones, the ones after the money.

I hope Aunt Kathy uses the money to hire a professional private investigator with a record for solving crimes. Keep that money as far away as possible from Josh Duckett and his grubby hands.
PS Josh, pay your back child support and help mom pay her back property taxes. And btw, use money you really earn for a living like the rest of us. NOT donations.


Anonymous said...

Were Josh and Melinda divorced yet? I am asking because why does he have any say in Melinda's estate?

I believe that money should be used for a PI also, a few! One needs to tail Josh and the other his mohter. We'd find Trenton that way.

Maytruthprevail said...

Josh and Melinda were not divorced at the time of her death. Melinda filed for divorce in June 2006, but Josh kept avoiding being served. His mother accepted subservice on July 3, 2006. The papers served included the divorce papers, the back child support owed (Josh was in contempt for non payment of child support 3 months behind) and alimony. That night Melinda received a threatening email from Josh's myspace account stating that he would never pay. It was later "discovered" by FDLE that the email was sent from Melinda's IP address. However it is possible to hone in on an IP address - especially if you are sitting in the driveway next to her apartment. Melinda had NO motive to send the threatening email. Josh is all about money and not working for it.

Melinda married Josh on July 3,2005
They lived together as a married couple until October 30 2005 almost 4 months.

Josh probably didn't sign those divorce papers because he had another plan in mind.

Melinda had sole custody awarded to her by DCF and the courts.
Melinda had child support awarded to her for Trenton from the courts.
Melinda had a Paternity Settlement Agreement filed in Sumter County Court to go along with her divorce filed in Lake County.

I guess the only solution for Josh and his family was to get Trenton away from Melinda (and get rid of Melinda). Otherwise he had 16 years of paying child support.

Josh also has another son Ryder who is three years old this month. He was so concerned looking for his son when Trenton was missing 6 months that he impregnated a 17 year old girl who was still in high school. He is behind in his child support payments and tried to get custody so he wouldn't have to pay anything. He had very little to do with the child but then insisted on having custody. He told the mother that Ryder would just have to get used to him. It didn't matter that they had no relationship.

When Josh had visitation with Trenton, according to Melinda Josh would just dump Trenton off at his mothers and go out with his friends.

Josh's myspace Duckett64 does not talk about nor list as his friend his current girlfriend and her daughter (for over 2 years) nor talk about his son Ryder. He wants people to feel sorry for him so that - you guessed it - the donations keep coming.

What happened to all the money from the Trenton Duckett Family Trust Fund?

There's that word "family" again.

princess_azure said...

Josh hasn't paid child support for Ryder since September of last year; Is he expecting Ryder to be gone too?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering. I am sure that LE realizes that Melinda did not write tht email, even if it was from her IP address. Certainly they have gone through her hard drive? It doesn't matter what the IP address says, it's all about the hard drive.

Still, didn't Melinda have a beneficiary or POA for her estate? If so, I would hope they fight Josh.

It is incredibly sad that in one article I read about the statement on settlement is that they are still claiming Melinda is the number one suspect. She has passed, they need to move on. Nothing has ever come from the "investigation" against her.

Come on LE - Find Trenton so Melinda's good name can be restored!

larene7773 said...

This is plain wrong!
No funds should be put in a bucket,or any where that is accessable by anyone exccept a "reputable" private investigator.
This is really sad,that poor little Trenton is still missing,melinda deceased, and people are capitalizing on these tragic events!
God Help them!
I pray that Trenton, will be found soon, and never , ever be subjected to the life he lived the first two years.
I still want to know how in the heck, "Melinda could have fire the shotgun twice! I do not believe , that she commited suicide! Nor do I believe, that she made Trenton disappear!
All things will come to light one day.

Glenn's Cult? said...

You know by reading this letter that Josh is aware of you and the others who are pressing hard right? He speaks indirectly of you and the others out there as unscrupulous. Maybe because he is projecting?

Should we ask him that? Pot meet kettle. Oh geee you are one and the same JOSH!

princess_azure said...

@ GC , Josh sent some of his friends myspace to troll this blog.