Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Melinda Duckett's Sunday Drive B - D

Melinda noted on her hand drawn map "Sunoco". Then afterwards, she wrote down Brent. He had taken her to the gun range in Ocala. Here is an excerpt from her Myspace:
Mee Kee ong Lee Brent 12-Aug-2006 20:06 Honestly I didn't get into any trouble and letting someone know what line
NOT to cross is not a bad thing. We should go to the range together,
maybe you could show me a few things. Scott called about the project
and said he got all the materials together. You know, it's not fair to have
him do it all. Call me when you get a chance. Take care until then doll.

Mee Kee ong Lee Brent 16-Aug-2006 13:11 Hey, sorry about your nose hun, hope it didn't swell up. Be proud
though, you got your truck out, that's something to be proud of. I did
have fun out there and I actually did good with the glock, which was a
change from the shot gun. Maybe next time the range won't be closed.
Well, I hope the dealership fixed everything for you, keep in touch, and
have fun with the girlie girls. (hehehehe) PS- tell your bud I said hey.

Brent Mee Kee ong Lee 17-Aug-2006 09:37 thanks. but it wasnt my nose. it was my jaw. its gonna be ok though. and
the dealership was scared shitless when i walked in bleeding
everywhere. they are gonna fix everything free. so im ok now.

Bill Eubank called Brent Compton (pictured here)and spoke to him last year. Brent said he was not home that Sunday. It makes sense that Melinda would go to his house, looking for directions to the gun range. He wasn't home so she tried to find it herself. She went on State Road 42 but then turned around because nothing looked familiar. She should have gone on State Road 40 to get to the gun range. The next notation on her map was Gary Vinson. She must have stopped at the Wendy's on the way to visit him. On her agenda she notated that she was going to a wedding with Gary, late in September.


Aronia said...

Still always thinking about Trent and the E's.

Maytruthprevail said...

We were just talking about you. Your ears must have been ringing. We miss you too.

Aronia said...

No kidding? Wow , that's weird. I got a Google alert and it was your site!

And....tada....I see Leesburg is missing a detective. Great news!
But then again, he's now with Tim's group. Poor Tim.

Do you know if Rock is still in charge over there?

Do you still have my e-mail addy?

Have a wonderful day!