Sunday, October 25, 2009


My heart is very heavy. Last week 7 year old Somer Renee Thompson was abducted and killed walking home from school... a distance of one mile. Her body was collected by a garbage truck and brought to a dumpsite in Georgia and found within a couple days. There was only a short window of time from when she left her siblings and ran ahead toward home, which she never reached.

Today's news stated that all 161 registered sex offenders within the 5 mile radius of her home were eliminated from suspicion. But...there are unregistered predators out there watching.

Having 11 grandchildren of my own, and born just last week my first great-grandchild, I fear for our children. But I believe there is a way, that we can learn from the animals to protect our children from predators. We have crimewatch in neighborhoods, maybe we should start a protective children watch, call it The Herd.

Click on the title "Predators" to watch an award winning eye-witness video. It's time for us to learn from the animals.


princess_azure said...

I cried when I read this story. RIP Somer.

Justice said...

On America's most wanted this past Sat. John Walsh said that he believes that a serial predator might have come out of retirement, and be responsible for little Somer's murder. He said that there are 4 other children who disappeared from Jacksonville some years ago, and those crimes have never been solved...

I'm wondering if he's partly right. Just over the past few years, that we've had Trenton, Haleigh, Adji, and now Somer, and those are the only one's that I recall.

Little Somer's murder has hit me pretty hard. It's downright shameful when a child cannot walk in public in what has always been a safe neighborhood, and not get snatched and broad daylight, and end up murdered, thrown away like garbage. Our most innocent precious beings on earth :(

And everybody seems to worry so much about the "rights" of the animals who do these things. I say it's time we started treating them like they treated their victims. They are nothing more than coward POS. They aren't of the human species and don't deserve to live and breathe among us!!!

princess_azure said...

The minute you commit such a heinous crime , you forfeit any rights you have.