Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Melinda's Sunday Drive

Melinda drew the above map for her attorney Kimberly Schulte. Leesburg police theorize that Melinda did not take that drive Sunday August 27, 2006 but another day. However, her cell phone pings correspond with her handdrawn map, as well as the Wendy's witness stating that she saw Melinda with Trenton that Sunday. But again, Leesburg police choose to believe that the Wendy's witness also had her days mixed up.

I will post the Sunday Drive in a series of articles. Beginning with the handdrawn map and the cell phone pings. Melinda notates her destinations on her map. There is the SunTrust Bank, Sunoco gas station, Brent (Brent Compton the friend who previously took her to the gun range in Ocala), the futile search for the gun range via SR42 (incorrect, should have been SR 40), Wendy's (per the sighting), then to Gary Vinson (Leesburg high school sweetheart before Josh Duckett), then toward Orlando and the TD Waterhouse.

Melinda had arranged to take her same drive with FBI Agent Marty Egan, another attorney suggested by Kimberly Schulte, and another LE/FBI person. She removed the car seat from her car and brought it into the grandparents house to make room for everyone. It was suppose to take place Sunday, September 10, 2006.

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