Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why Didn't Nancy Grace Believe Melinda?

MELINDA DUCKETT: I can remember perfectly well where I went that day.

From the Nancy Grace transcripts about that Sunday:

GRACE: So where had you been that day?

MELINDA DUCKETT: We had been all through Lake county and up into Orange.

GRACE: Doing what?

MELINDA DUCKETT: Basically just shopping, going around driving.

GRACE: Shopping where?

MELINDA DUCKETT: Well we didn`t go anywhere specific.

GRACE: Well I mean if you went shopping you had to go into a store. What store did you go into on Sunday?

MELINDA DUCKETT: We went throughout the county.

GRACE: Any store? I`m thinking of video cameras Melinda. I mean maybe they have a picture of someone watching you, following you back out to your car. I mean what store did you go to, Wal-Mart, JCPenney`s, what?

MELINDA DUCKETT: I`m not going to get in any specifics.


MELINDA DUCKETT: Because I`m not dealing with media very well.

GRACE: Well can you remember where you were that day?

MELINDA DUCKETT: I can remember perfectly well where I went that day. Just like I have spoken to the FBI with it. But as far as anything else goes we haven`t had very good dealings with any of them.

GRACE: Well don`t you think it would be a great idea, for instance if you were at a local JCPenney`s or Sears Roebuck to tell the viewers right now this is where we were. Did you see anything? Did you notice anything? Here`s your child`s picture? Here`s my picture. Help me. Where were you? Why aren`t you telling us where you were that day, you were the last person to be seen with him?

MELINDA DUCKETT: And we have already gone out and distributed the fliers and spoken to --

GRACE: Right, why aren`t you telling us and giving us a clear picture of where you were before your son was kidnapped?

MELINDA DUCKETT: Because I`m not going to put those kind of details out?


MELINDA DUCKETT: Because I was told not to.


Maytruthprevail said...

And why didn't Melinda Duckett take a lie detector test:


Anonymous said...

Yes, but who told her not to? The police didn't tell her not to take the polygraph, right?

princess_azure said...

Something else dawned of me about the 'suicide' notes. They were written in a way that made it seem as though Melinda was guilty of something. The one that jumped out at me in particular that read;"If Trenton were found I wouldn't be a good mother." I don't think that Melinda wrote those notes , I think that Carla wrote them in anticipation of Melinda being killed.

The intruder probably placed them in Melinda's car before breaking into the house. These people have done many illegal and unethical acts so I wouldn't suprised about fake suicide notes.

princess_azure said...

Polygraphs can be rigged so that the sublect will fail. That's why Ms. Schulte advised Melinda not to take the test.

Maytruthprevail said...

Kimberly Schulte, her attorney advised Melinda not to take the poly. Melinda's stress level was too great. Polys don't actually detect "lies", they detect stress.

Maytruthprevail said...

Melinda stated she was told not to mention specifics. The FBI she was working with told her not to devulge any of the particulars. She was working with agent Marty Egan. In fact, she was planning on recreating her drive with Marty Egan, another FBI agent, and a criminal attorney set up by Kimberly Schulte for Melinda. Melinda removed the car seat from the back of the car to make room. The back seats in Eclipse's are not very roomy, and the front seats are bucket seats.

princess_azure said...

In short; Polygraphs are bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Princess,how could carla have written the Suicide notes when she was sitting at the leesburg PD? That can be confirmed.Seeing how FDLE,FBI,and Leesburg PD were there with the entire Duckett Family and Friends so i think you need to find a new tree to bark up

princess_azure said...

@ Anonymous , my theory was just that; a theory. Which means that I acknowledge that it may be wrong. I wasn't aware that she was at th police station so I apologize for jumping to any conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody here read Mark Furhman's latest book, The Murder Business? It would appear that he, at least in part, agrees with so many of us, in that NG went to far. This is the 1st page of Chapter 3:


Maytruthprevail said...

Someone emailed me with the link to the Mark Furhman book The Murder Business. Chapter 3 is called "When Crime TV Goes Too Far:
Melinda Duckett"

Anonymous said...

All Id like to say Is the press or people think when something happens like this people are suppose to act a certain way, and because someone is distraut after loosing a child or whatever I doubt if my child came up missing and all I can think about is where is he and a bunch of people came up to me with microphones at me I think Id want to say get those f---in things away from me and help me find my kid . look at mark lundsford they pointed the finger at him and his daughter was kidnapped and killed and many others who went to prison for crimes they didnt commit because they didnt act the right way .Is there a book out there that says this how your suppose to act if your in shock or if your guilty or innocent .Im so tired of accusations with no real and I say real evidence.