Monday, August 23, 2010

Leesburg Police Department Investigation - Melinda Duckett Interview

This is only one of the interviews. It is 60 pages long. I wanted to divide it into segments but the best presentation is in its entirety.  Melinda Duckett was badgered. Every time she brought up her suspicion that Joshua Duckett and his mother Carla Massero took Trenton, detective Richard Giles and his partner Jim Dunnegan would steer the questioning away from Josh. They basically TOLD Melinda that SHE took Trenton. This wasn't an investigation. This was a persecution.  Melinda Duckett, Danny Bass and Chris Pearce ALL heard a car door slam during the first movie and a motor (Melinda described it as when a refrigerator comes on). The private drive runs right next to her apartment. Melinda walked out of the interview all right, but not until "page 60" see her attorney in the lobby. The same attorney that Leesburg Police would NOT let come see Melinda.


princess_azure said...

At first I was thinking that Giles was duped , but after reading this I think maybe he was in on Trenton's abduction. Maybe he knows where Trenton is. I'm extremely tempted to post about his er , "friendship" with Laurie.

If Carla abused her own son what makes her think she'll be good for Trenton? Frankly , after reading what she'd done to Josh I'm scared for Trenton. I pray that he's found before she damages him the way she harmed Josh. No wonder he's so weak-minded. His mother did all of his thinking for him.

I have theory about who ordered the hit but that would be better in an email. I'm rambling but what I read is a lot to take in.

princess_azure said...

Josh was probably on xanax when he took the polygraph. How else would he have passed with damning evidence like this?