Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Trenton - May the Lord Watch Over You

Trenton Duckett will be 6 years old tomorrow August 10, 2010.  Here is an excerpt from Melinda Duckett's Baby Book for Trenton...

"I hold you close to me and I wonder. Will I  be your best friend, the one you tell your secrets to? Your protector, the safest place you know? Will we be like my friends and their children? My mother and me?

This I do know: I'll believe in you, support you, watch over you, love you. I'll hang on your words and smile at your stories.

And day by day, month by month, we'll learn who we are and I."

This is Cara Mitchell with Trenton at his 2nd Birthday Party

The above is the postcard we created and mailed to all the neighbors of people who knew both Melinda and Josh Duckett. This was the last picture taken of Trenton before he went missing. It was taken at his daycare in Fruitland Park, Florida. The director of the daycare brought the pictures to Nancy and Billy Eubank the day of Melinda's funeral.

A progression picture of Trenton was created by the missing and exploited children organization. This is the picture here. Billy and Nancy Eubank do not believe that this is a good likeness of what Trenton would look like today.

In March 2009 a picture of a child appeared in the Born to Ride Motorcycle Magazine. Someone brought it to the attention of the media and felt that this pictured child was Trenton Duckett. When Nancy and Billy Eubank caught it on the news they felt it was Trenton also. They purchased a magazine and when Nancy turned to the page she started to cry. She felt "at last we've found Trenton". When the police visited the family at the request of the Eubanks they came back and told them that this child was only 2 years old and not Trenton. Many people who knew Trenton such as the DCF case worker, the Day Care Director and neighbors thought the picture was Trenton


princess_azure said...

The age progressed photo is WAY off IMO. I believe in my heart of hearts that the child in the magazine pic is Trenton.

princess_azure said...

The Ducketts could have paid that officer to lie.