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Melinda's Friends Speak Out - James Duckett

James Duckett, Josh Ducketts father, has been on death row for 22 years for the rape and murder of 12 year old Theresa McAbee in 1987. He has been appealing his case: the judge is the same as the one for the CNN lawsuit. James maintains his innocence.

Read about James' case at

Melinda also believed he was innocent. She also tried to reconcile Josh with his father.

The first time Melinda visited James Duckett was with Josh on October 16, 2005. Then Josh visited James on his own a couple weeks later (after the Mall Incident and he had moved out on Melinda).

Melinda wrote to James – 60 pages of letters. And she visited him May 7, 2006. She also scheduled a visit with him for August 27, 2006 (same day Trenton went missing) which was cancelled by James just a couple days prior to the planned visit. You can read his letter here:
She then rescheduled a visit for the following weekend September 3, 2006 and arranged for Nanny and Poppy to baby sit Trenton.

Josh Duckett went with his uncle Donald Jordan to visit James the second weekend in August 2006. (2 weeks BEFORE Trenton went missing ) That was Josh’s LAST visit to James. Josh was mad at his father for “siding” with Melinda and for his Dad paying money to Melinda because Josh did not make child support payments.

James is very disappointed in his son and takes responsibility for not being there to make him the Man Josh should be. In one of her letters, Melinda sent James a copy of the myspace email she got from Josh. James warned Josh in a letter to him after he read that threatening email (which “scared the hell out of him”) that IF Josh in fact had sent that email, he was looking at 30 years in prison. Maybe that prompted Josh to visit his dad in August 2006.

James also believes that there is nothing in Melinda’s makeup (even though he only knew her a short time) that would indicate she would harm Trenton in any way.

Here are some excerpts from his letters to me.

About the child support and the threatening email:

James feeling guilty about canceling August 27, 2006 visit:

Excerpt about "siding with Melinda"

Note:  Josh Duckett "mentioned the porn to his Dad in early August 2006 BEFORE the "family found it in late August".  Hmmmmmm. And Josh WASN'T upset by it.
James carries a lot of guilt:

It seems to me that James Duckett - sitting on death row - is more of a MAN than his son Josh Duckett.
James is another suspect, like Melinda, who was picked and then LE built the case around the suspect and ignored any evidence that did not point to them. I believe that James Duckett was set up. It's interesting to note that those who tried to prove James innocent (including Melinda Duckett) died in tragic accidents.


Maytruthprevail said...

Came across this article when Joshua was three years old. What it doesn't say is Carla already had Brian Boggs "in the wings". Nor that she wrote to the Governor to make sure they killed James Duckett.

Here's the copy of the archived article:

To His Sons He's Daddy, Not A Killer
June 03, 1988|By Elizabeth Wasserman of The Sentinel StaffCROOM-A-COOCHEE — The only time Carla Duckett's two sons saw Daddy in the past seven months was when they stood outside the Lake County Jail and looked to the fourth floor through toy binoculars.

''My Daddy's right there,'' said Joshua, 3, according to his mother. ''Daddy, Daddy, can you see my binoculars?''

Wide-eyed Joshua and his spike-haired brother, Justin, 5, do not Neither flashcards nor Dr. Seuss books can explain to little boys understand why their father, James Duckett, left their home in Sumter County one October night and never came back.

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They know he is no longer a police officer. They know some people think he did something wrong. They tell him they love him over the phone. They tell others that Daddy is away temporarily -- ''in court.''

They are too young to understand that a jury last month found him guilty of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl.

Neither flashcards nor Dr. Seuss books can explain to little boys that, by the time they are teen-agers, their father may have died in the electric chair.

''Jimmy hasn't even touched them in seven months,'' said Carla Duckett, 28, rocking an ailing Joshua in her arms and patting his back after each cough. ''They don't allow children in the jail. I don't think it's right. Even someone who is guilty -- and Jimmy is not -- should be allowed to see his kids.''

Less than three weeks ago, Mrs. Duckett pleaded with 12 jurors to spare her husband's life. By an 8 to 4 vote, they recommended to a judge that he be sentenced to death. Lake Circuit Judge Jerry Lockett will decide June 30 whether to accept the jury's recommendation or sentence him to life in prison. At one point during the trial, prosecutor Tom Hogan pointed at Mrs. Duckett and said she was as much a victim of James Duckett as Teresa Mae McAbee, 11, who was raped, choked and drowned on May 11, 1987.

''I didn't think that was right,'' Mrs. Duckett said Wednesday during an interview in the white house in which her husband grew up. ''I didn't think that was appropriate. I'm not a victim. Jimmy's the victim. He's been accused of something he didn't do.''

''I think the saddest thing of all,'' she said, starting to cry, ''is that somebody else's child is going to die because they got the wrong person.''

Maytruthprevail said...
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princess_azure said...

Wait , Carla wrote the Governor to make sure that they killed James? If Carla wanted to be with Brian why not just divorce James? Why did she choose to frame him?

Just like Josh is doing now , Carla is eating up the media attention. If she would do something like this why isn't inconceivable that Carla would have someone killed?

princess_azure said...

Who was the other person that was killed? How did they die?

I'm asking because if this person's death was ruled a suicide it make break this case open.