Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is...

So where is Trenton?

Where is the money - the $10,800 from Bank of America?

Where is the residue of the email on Melinda's computer?

It's all been examined. Nothing. Nothing!

All the accusations and they have found what?

Just like DCF. What did they find? Nothing!

What is the BIG EVIDENCE that PROVES that Trenton did NOT go out the window?

And all the while Trenton is OUT THERE SOMEWHERE

And someone who is alive and kicking knows where he is.

Some of you have lost a child. God has spared me that sorrow. But I have lost a dog. She ran away. I put fliers up everywhere, (I went to work after midnight to use the computer to make fliers). I was out on the streets all by myself stapling fliers to light poles. I pasted them up on convenience store windows. I got a call the next morning, that someone had found her and kept her in their yard. I raced to go pick her up, tears of joy streaming down my face. She was 1 1/2 miles away.

She was ONLY a dog. And later on some kids locked her in a car (by accident) and she suffocated in the hot car. I had given her to a friend to watch for me. I was at work and I felt this tremendous loss that overcame me. I called up my friend and was told she had died. She was ONLY a dog.

I can't imagine what it would be like to know that MY CHILD was OUT THERE SOMEWHERE. I would have taken every penny donated, worked every minute and hired as many professionals to look for MY CHILD. I would get in my car and go to as many places as I could and Look for MY CHILD. Anyone who wanted to help me FIND my Child, I would say bless you, bless you for helping me. Please help me find my child.

So, how was the trust fund money spent? Racing? trips? parties? why wasn't anyone hired? I'm sure there was plenty of money there. Why was the petition to bring in Equisearch NIXED by the Ducketts?

I don't personally see the URGENCY in the Ducketts. The only URGENCY I see is to quell those who are painting a different picture of Melinda, a different picture of the Ducketts.

What I personally believe, my opinion, is that the Ducketts know exactly where Trenton is, but, how they will be able to "find" him, without pointing to themselves?

Otherwise, where is the URGENCY?


princess_azure said...

If Josh and his family were really innocent , he wouldn't have sent those trolls here to disrupt things.

bgmustang said...


For those of us that enjoy completing Logical Problems or winning at the Game Clue, we can grasp the understanding that facts reside not only what is known, but also in what is missing. We know that it is not required to see every card in the deck, before we can confidently proclaim it was Professor Plum, with the wrench, in the kitchen!

This case is more about what is missing, then what is already known

Knowing that the FBI and police refuse to investigate or even ask basic questions of the only remaining people involved in the case, whom both have an active motive and are proven liars/manipulators. Why aren’t questions being asked of the Duckett’s, the money being traced, their actions being validated???? To us….The missing questions validates corruption (at least at the local level)

Viewing the facts presented at the actual crime scene, one has to completely ignore the characteristics of Melinda, as well as 99% of the behavior of all female suicides in this country, to assume Melinda committed suicide, with the pipe, in the parlor. Why would someone who is extremely meticulous, rush to make so much damage and mess rather than plan it? Women do not want to burden those who find them and go through great lengths to prepare their surroundings to keep things clean. Why would she choose to see the bullet coming, versus using so many other available means (i.e. pills, poisons, her own gun) to avoid pulling the trigger with her toe in such an awkward position and location? To us who do not like ignoring facts so we can presume an assumption…… The crime scene validates murder

Knowing that circumstances surrounding Trenton's disappearance and asking who had the strongest motive to kill or kidnap Trenton, leads us to only two individuals whose names do not begin with “Melinda”

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting blog. I have heard rumors in the past, but this puts it together very well. I plan to read about this further and hope this blog continues looking for the truth. None of what the public has been told makes sense to me. Thank you for digging deeper.

Maytruthprevail said...

Thanks for your well thought out post. I totally agree with everything you said.

In the movie "A Few Good Men" with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson pitting against each other in the Military Courtroom, It was "What was NOT done" that solved the murder. The deceased soldier did NOT pack any clothes; they remained NEATLY HUNG in his closet.

In the Trenton Duckett Missing Case Carla Massero CLOSED HER ONLY MEANS OF INCOME - LOVE'S CREATIONS A FLOWER SHOP IN BUSHNELL, the day after Trenton went missing.

The trips to New York to be on the NG show were parties, other people came along - young girls.

How does plastering a pimped up truck with missing children's faces, help to find those children?
Does the mag wheels help?

What does having a tattoo of Trenton - an ugly tattoo - on Josh's midriff help in finding Trenton?

What does bike rallies and races have to do with finding Trenton?

What does searching in the Ocala National Forest, or South Korea, or gutting alligators have to do with finding Trenton?

Start over. Trenton went out that window. There is NOTHING to say that he didn't go out that window. Do fingerprinting on the "sonogram" in the trash. What about the latent fingerpint on the windowsill in Trenton's room?

The investigators were fed misinformation - biased misinformation...on purpose.

Take another look at WHO had the motive. Just like bgm was probably a Duckett whose first name didn't begin with "Melinda".

princess_azure said...

In order for Melinda to have wrapped her toe around the trigger , she would have to lean against the wall. The photo of the closet cancels that theory out , because there's no blood on the wall.

Maybe Carla closed her flower shop because that's where Trenton was. That is until she Josh could think of another place to hide him.

Maytruthprevail said...

An anonymous reader wanted to post the following, however he/she gave Lauri Konnerth a different vulgar name. Because I won't print that vulgar name, I had to delete the post. However I was curious as to how this reader knows LK is still handing out fliers of Trenton. Here is the comment restated with the name redacted:

"Why is (LK) spending all her time trolling the internet convincing people that Trenton is dead? Why is she still handing out fliers that don't include the age progressed photo?"


princess_azure said...

The Ducketts weren't asking people to volunteer to help search for Trenton , but to SELL MERCHANDISE. The plan was after Melinda died to have Trenton be "miraculously" returned. I think that was supposed to happen when Nancy Grace came to Leesburg. But the people such as yourself and others , who've been investigating this case were a thorn in their side.

Because if Equusearch got involved they would have found the same things as you. Which is why this child stays hidden. Josh & Carla can't return Trenton without incriminating themselves.

Laurie Konnerth has been trolling because after this lawsuit , she's afraid that LE will start seriously looking at the Ducketts.

Melinda had no motive to hide Trenton. She most certainly didn't have the psychological makeup of a killer. Nor was she suicidal (suicidal people aren't future oriented). As you've stated before , Melinda was granted sole custody of Trenton while Josh was only granted visitation and was ordered to pay child support AND alimony.

Who had the motive to abduct Trenton? The same people who wanted her dead , that's who.

When LE starts investigating Carla and her crew then and ONLY then will there be any new leads. I've got a feeling that will happen after this lawsuit.

Maytruthprevail said...

Also, princess, when the Ducketts were approached to help in the search, they said they'd rather have donations. And, those that offered were EXPERIENCED searchers.

princess_azure said...

Re; Gutting alligators. Alligators aren't scavengers so they don't eat prey if it's already dead. They will only feed on dead prey if food is scarce. And even then it's rare for alligators to do so.

Say Melinda did in fact kill Trenton and dump him in alligator infested lake; The police would have still found his body. Because as I said before , ALLIGATORS DON'T SCAVENGE. So that theory is cancelled out.

Good grief! If a lay person like me could figure that out why hasn't LE?

princess_azure said...

Something else extremely odd , Team Trenton's site is hosted by a marketing firm (MousEffects). When I found that out I got suspicious.