Sunday, August 14, 2011

Progression Picture Trenton Duckett

Looking at how much Trenton looked like Melinda as a baby, I crudely made a photo paste of Melinda's picture of her at 7 years old and Trenton's forehead. I believe, as others have as well, that the published progression picture of Trenton does not resemble him at all - the skin color, the forehead nor the eyes.

These are the pictures that made me realize how much Trenton looked like his mother at around the same age.

Here is Melinda at age 6 or 7

And here is Trenton's picture from the circulated missing poster


This is what I believe Trenton would look like today.

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princess_azure said...

Laurie gloated about turning in an old picture of Josh for the age progressed photo. Why? To throw LE off. I think the FBI suspects Carla and her son are behind Trenton's disappearance, they just need proof.