Monday, August 8, 2011

One Day...August 8, 2006

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 Melinda wrote in her agenda:
Class 6:45 PM (Grandparents babysat on Tuesdays when she had class)
7 AM 2 yr TD (Trenton Duckett)  checkup
Take WIC papers 2 copies
shot records DC (daycare) +$
call DMV ticket report
FL PIc ID (360-6507) Citrus
paper check (paycheck from paper) (753-1119

Melinda's pediatrician for Trenton

Melinda's Myspace comment for Aug 8, 2006

Unsure of which "Dave" this is who commented to Melinda.

Melinda was waiting for a final check from the DailySun where she delivered papers at night. She had quit the paper route in July. She was still working at TruGreen at this time.

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