Sunday, August 14, 2011

One Day...August 13, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006 Melinda wrote in her agenda -
It's a blank page.

Snow White Vixen is Sara Eggleston Mitchell, Cara's older brother Andy's ex-wife.

Hot Sauce is Jason Witzigman. In Nikole Diaz's statement to Leesburg Police Nikole stated she suggested to Melinda to ask Jason for money. Jason met Melinda and Nikole at the Bank of America where the girls worked together. He was a chef at the Lampoon Japanese Restaurant in Leesburg.  I met him one night and handed him a note to call me, which he did. I had mistakenly thought he was the Jason that warned Melinda about the the "mad crowd in Sumter County".  He told me that he went to the Marion County Police and spoke to Detective Art King that Melinda had asked him for $5,000. Everyone on the forums were speculating that Melinda needed the money to "cover the BOA theft of $10,800" which was a crock. He also told me that Melinda was very afraid for herself and Trenton and he offered to have her come stay with him or he would go to her place. He told me that Melinda was always very protective of Trenton, especially when around unfamiliar people. He told me that it was obvious to him that Melinda loved Trenton and would never hurt him.

Rene was a male aged 22 from Costa Mesa California.

The Last Recidivist is Matt Carlson friend of Chris Pearce and lives in Orlando Florida.

Heather is Heather Freddino and has a twin brother Jon Freddino (also invited to the party). They graduated from South Sumter High School with Josh Duckett and Melinda. Both are friends on the social networks of the Ducketts today.

David is David Hansard. He still has Mee kee ong lee on his myspace friend list. He is also friends with Danny Bass and is a fire fighter. 

Pearce is Chris Pearce that Melinda met at the July 4th party. He was the one she invited to her apartment along with Danny Bass the night Trenton went missing. Chris also came to hers and Trenton's combined birthday partty.

Daaaaaaaave is Dave Veras.

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