Thursday, August 25, 2011

Josh Duckett...Grieving Father...Send Money

Trenton Duckett will be missing 5 years on August 27, 2006. Josh Duckett is probably figuring out how he can best use this anniversary date to drum up sympathy from the public and get people to donate more money to the Trenton Duckett FAMILY Trust Fund a/k/a Josh Duckett.

Not only has there NEVER been an accounting as to the donations collected, with all the IOU's for monies spent, WHAT does Josh Duckett need money for? To hire a private investigator? Seems he had one that donated his time Paul Albie (PA) Turner.

What about setting up a command center? Seems he had that donated also from Mouse Effects.

 Following up on tips?

Seems like the Florida taxpayers took care of that one with Leesburg Police, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FBI.  Progression picture of Trenton? Those expenses were also taken care of by the Missing and Exploited Children Foundation.

So let's take a look at how Josh Duckett spent his time after Trenton went missing in 2006.

Picture taken October 7, 2006

Picture taken on Main Street Leesburg October 31, 2006


And then Josh Duckett around February 14 impregnated a high school girl who gave birth to his other son November 18, 2007. Here's a picture of Josh celebrating? but NOT with the mother of his other son.
Josh Duckett...grieving father...send money.


NotchoNachos said...

Doesn't a father have the right to quit his job to manage the large amounts of funds coming in to find his child?
I mean sure, he is still keeping up with the Jones, off-roading, motorbike racing, and celebrating his new job with friends nightly, but he deserves some relaxing time too 4 weeks after his son went missing....
I mean its been 4 weeks already. That's enough time passed to focus on himself again. Jeez.....

princess_azure said...

No wonder the Ducketts are such good friends with the Anthony family. The picture of Josh out partying with his friends a MONTH after Trenton went missing is eerily similar to Casey during Caylee's disappearance. Josh, Carla and Jason knew where Trenton was. Just like George, Cindy and Casey knew where Caylee was. The only difference being that Caylee died. I don't they anticipated that outcome though.

Like I've said before; Josh & Casey are a match made in hell. Don't be surprised if those two hook up.

DieJT said...

Why the hell is this ass not exposed more?

Why are cops not investigating him and his family more?

Its funny how the WHITE male gets away with shit again. I wonder if Melinda was white, not adopted, and raised from a regular good american white family (yes, I know she was still raised by a white couple, but SHE WAS STILL ASIAN WITH A TATOO).