Friday, August 12, 2011

One Day...August 12, 2006

Saturday August 12, 2006 Melinda wrote in her agenda:
Spanish Class $35 12 PM
Hilton Rialto Place (Melbourne Florida)

This is where Melinda took her Spanish Lessons on Saturday at noon.

After Spanish class at noon, Melinda went to Melbourne for her Forex Meeting. She had purchased the software (almost $2,000) and was going to earn some money in the foreign exchange market. Here is where she went for the meeting:

This is Melinda's myspace postings for August 12, 2006
In her posting to Phil (Mitchell) Melinda says "Thank you for everything I AM trusting you. Treat me well doll." This post was made on Saturday night just before midnight. That sounds like Phil told Melinda to trust him. Now he was invited to Melinda's birthday party (his sister Cara would be there) but he never showed up.  Melinda's comment to him on the 15th was:

She posts Okay boy wtf happened: No party and no ***** ( I think this was money).

Here's part of the Nicole Diaz interview where she states Melinda called her the night of the 12th to ask her how she could get hold of a lot of cash.

So why would Melinda need money the night of the 12th?  All her agendas and myspace postings showed no urgency that anything was happening in her life. She was going to class, taking spanish lessons, running to keep in shape for her police academy, she was getting involved with Forex. She was friends with Cara up until her birthday. So something had to have made an impact on Melinda's situation.

Here's a letter to me from James Duckett (Josh's father who is on death row for the rape and murder of 11 year old Teresa McAbee)

So Joshua visited his dad on Saturday August 12, 2006. Josh must have been really mad at all the times in the past...when he'd retaliate. You know, the baker act, the false allegations to DCF, the accusations. He must have gotten word to Melinda that he was mad. And Melinda knew all to well what THAT meant.

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