Monday, August 1, 2011

One Day - August 1, 2006

Class @ 6:15 PM at Lake/Sumter Community College. Then visit Melissa (Jones) at the Lake County Jail.

Trenton's in daycare until 6 PM while Melinda works at TruGreen. Melinda's grandparents pick up Trenton  and keep Trenton while Melinda attends her evening class and then visits Melissa Jones at the detention center.

Melinda wrote this to her myspace friend Jason at 8:09 AM.

This "Jason"  is NOT Jason Witzigman as he went by the name "Hot Sauce" on her myspace.

I doubt that this was Jason Varnum as he dated her when Trenton was only 6 months old for a couple weeks.

Jason West was someone she had more of a serious relationship with after Josh Duckett but he broke up with her months before.

Here is what I found on a "mystery" Jason.
Members of sleuthing forums were guessing that Melinda and Cara set up a fake myspace account where they could send messages back and forth. However, take a look at the 29 friends listed on "Jason's" myspace account...Very familiar names: Danny Bass, Amanda Scott, Jason Varnum, Jason Witzigman and Melinda Duckett, but no Cara Mitchell.

And then Melinda also got her Notary License
A note about this series of articles for August 2011. These daily entries throughout this month are presented as a "scrapbook" of the daily activities of Melinda Duckett This is an attempt to document what was going on in Melinda's life the last month before Trenton's abduction and Melinda's death. Melinda had a LOT GOING ON and was being pulled in many directions. It seems not only improbable but also impossible that Melinda was planning on "stashing Trenton away to keep him from Josh"  Her suicide also seems unlikely as she was making so many plans for the future.

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