Thursday, January 7, 2010

Psychological Evaluation

Here is the four page psychological evaluation to access Melinda Duckett's current functioning as of July 13, 2005 (wrong date on form). "She (Melinda) feels that this experience (the baker act) has caused an unhealthy amount of stress in her life".

"Ms. Duckett was impregnated by Josh at the age of 17 (just like the new mommy). Josh was supportive with her pregnancy, but according to Ms. Duckett his mother "disliked anyone that got close to Josh." She claims that her and Josh's relationship suffered due to her (Carla's) accusations and influence over Josh." View here Josh's admission of being influenced to lie by his mother.

"According to Ms Duckett, following her mother-in-law's accusations, department of children and families visited and inspected her home and son. The DCF reported, as indicated by Lifestream Behavioral Center and Ms. Duckett that there was NO EVIDENCE of abuse or neglect of the baby.

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nicoleinny said...

Sad Carla can use the system like this repeatedly and is it any wonder DCF can't see that that is exactly what these type of low class people do. THEY KNOW THE SYSTEM!! Even better than the people who work in these Dept's. Too bad DCF didn't step into Josh's life before he was damaged. If Carla is not above using the system and resorting to violence why is it so farfetched to believe she knows where Trenton is? Does Florida require a public accounting of their so called fund raising?? Why are they still soliciting money on the internet?? Where is this money going? Do any of these peoply hold jobs? Clearly, employment is the least of their concerns if Josh is still impregnating teenagers!! How proud Carla must be of this POS!