Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why is Nancy Grace Afraid of Information Being Leaked to the Public?

"Grace is set to give a videotaped deposition in Atlanta Thursday morning, but a judge has ruled, at Grace's request, that the tape cannot be released to the public without the court's consent. Duckett feels that's fair."

"If it does get leaked, it's going to turn my son's case into a three-ring circus," Josh Duckett said.

You can read the full article here.

What information is Nancy Grace afraid wil be leaked to the public? Perhaps it's who supplied her with the information. Didn't she check her sources? Or didn't her producers check their sources? There are glaring mistakes and lies. Nancy Grace and her producers were duped.

Melinda Duckett's Baker Act

The Truth:

What Lifestream said:

What Nancy Grace Show presented
From the Sept 12, 2006 transcript

Psychotherapist Lauren Howard, let`s talk a little bit about what we know about this very beautiful mom and the stress she was under. She had filed for divorce this past June. It was said to be a bitter divorce. They were fighting over the custody of this child. So this child was, in essence, a pawn in their battle. They`re both young parents, 21 years old and "The Orlando Sentinel" reported that Melinda was taken into custody under the Baker Act which is a Florida law that says law enforcement can take you into custody if they think you are a danger to yourself or others for a mental health evaluation.

Now, before her death, Melinda confirmed to one of our producers that, yes, she was taken in, but downplayed it, saying it was no big deal, that she was released a short time later. What do you make of all this stress she was under?

HOWARD: Well, first of all, her being taken in for a mental health eval, who alleged a mental health problem? Was it her behavior, or was this just another ploy in this sort of bitter -- you know, there was a restraining order. I mean, the two of them were really going at it with each other. So unless I knew why she was called in for that mental health eval, it`s meaningless to me. It doesn`t tell me anything.
Read here for full background on Baker Act. The actual event took place at 1 AM with Josh Duckett putting his cell phone on speaker for the Bushnell Police Chief to listen in. They were looking for whatever they could "use" to proclaim Melinda an unfit and crazy mother. There was a court case pending for custody of Trenton and they wanted Melinda out of the way.

The source for this infomation given to Nancy Grace producers comes from Laurie Konnerth, Josh Duckett and his mother Carla Massero. Here is Laurie Konnerth, friend of the family and the sole signatory of the Trust Fund:

Posted on a private forum October 20, 2006 4:41PM

"Also, I didn't mean to be rude the other night when I didn't answer this...without looking back and reading, I know someone asked me about the porno thing. The answer to that was yes, I do know all about it. I actually proviided that information (print out of site with photo) to the FDLE at the end of August. I swear the investigator practically skipped into the PD he was so happy to get it. At that time they were finding out more and more about Melinda and were still amazed with her multi-faceted abilities! Also, just about everything that you see on NG is info that I have given her.,,so with that in mind, she hasn't had a chance to do anything on the porn yet, so I would like to wait until this evening to see if she is able t get it into the show tonight. Don't want to upstage her, she has been so good to us.! Also, I have not given any of the porn stuff to the local media - although I was tempted at times!

So why did they ONLY show Melinda Duckett?  Why are they covering up for Josh?


princess_azure said...

I was reading and old thread on SOF and found this blog; This blogger thankfully isn't part of the "I hate Melinda Duckett" mob. On that same blog I found these transcripts; http://transcrips.cnn/TRANSCRIPTS/0609/26/ng.01.html. There , Marc Klaas accuses Melinda of SELLING TRENTON FOR $900! Wait MTP , it gets better; Nancy Grace calls Melinda EVIL & CRAZY!

Bashing someone who is no longer here defend themselves. Classy. One commenter said that if Trenton's alive he's being used for child porn. I don't even know what to say about that.

Racism played a huge part in the outcome of this investigation and the public's view of Melinda IMO.

cloud9 said...

Hi MTP!!!

I'm so glad you put up this blog! I will be so happy when the Eubanks get justice! :)

Anonymous said...

This whole site is a joke! Bashing the dead??? WTF? She made that decision remember? The only reason the public hates this girl is because she done wrong. She had no right to hide,sell, or kill Trenton. If She was so worried about him why didn't the Eubanks halp her then? The lawsuit is frivilous. No matter what Nancy said She put that babies picture out there for the world to see. This was supposed to be about a missing baby...not the selfish burdened, stresed out mother!

I would leave my name but don't want to hear any more noise.

nicoleinny said...

anonymous-of course you don't want to leave your name, it's obvious who it is. She was driven to suicide knowing what she was up against, a deranged family, police chief, DCF being used against her, and finally the thought of not knowing what these lunatics did to her child. She had more rights to that child than the sperm donor, those rights were taken when you stole him from her. From what I have read in actual reports the Eubanks did help her and that POS Josh. Not that it was their job to support his wife and kid. But of course, if you're not a man who was raised by civilized people you don't care as long as you don't have to do it. And look at how they are thanked. Really classy to kick the grandparents, makes it more obvious if it weren't already who this is. If you don't like what we have to say don't read/comment. Carla and Josh are still soliciting $$$$ on the internet!! For what?? Because Carla raised Josh to milk the system. Years later, what is this money going for?? To support monster habits perhaps?? DOn't look like the healthiest bunch!!IMO. Certainly not going to child support. This is about a missing baby so produce him instead of milking the herds.

Anonymous said...


If you think this site is a joke, why do you come here day after day & read? Nobody is twisting your arm, right, lol

The NY Eubank's were not able to help Melinda as far as money was concerned, as Mr. Eubank's was out of work and they couldn't afford to help. I do agree though, it would have been in their best interest had they come to Melinda's aid right away, instead of putting the trip off in case of a funeral, but that's just moo.

Melinda's nanny & poppy helped both Melinda & Joshua. They watched Joshua & Carla treat Melinda like shite, yet forgave him, even after he admitted he lied to DCF. They helped Melinda by giving her thousands of dollars
to defend herself against all of Joshua's & Carla's false accusations. How much more could they have afforded, since they are both retired? They did everything in their power to help this young couple make it in their marriage, yet again & again, both Joshua & Carla kept coming after Melinda.

And you are right about everyone hating Melinda. How could the public/media know they were being duped from all the false stories that were put out there in the media, from day 1, by Laurie Konnerth, Joshua & Carla and with the help of Team Trenton. Those facts are posted in this very blog. Laurie Konnerth even admitted that she "hand fed" stuff to NG. Yes, everyone hated Melinda but it was not for what she "did" to her son, but because everything put out there was lie after lie after lie.

You say the lawsuit is frivolous, and you're entitled to your own opinion, but that doesn't mean it's so. So far, the lawsuit had managed to go right on thru the court system as planned, so it seems at least 1 judge doesn't think so. And isn't it quite funny that NG herself, when faced with the dilemma of having to give her deposition in front of a camera, she and her attorney's did everything in their power to stop it? Nancy's attorney's argued that "By keeping video cameras out, Grace's lawyers argue they would avoid "annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, and undue harm" ( But isn't that exactly what SHE did to Melinda? Yep, now that the lawsuit is going forward, she all of a sudden is running scared, as she should be. She is rude, a liar & bully. I don't know how she gets the same attorney's to come on time & again. Her rudeness applies to her panel as well as her guests. She is nothing more than a former prosecutor who has had several cases overturned on appeal. Read the wikipedia info on her. Time & again it's been proven that poor NG, the victim, has been a proven liar many times over.

As far as Melinda putting her baby's picture out there for all to see, uhhh, her ms page was private. Not just anyone could see it. And if you're who you appear to be (based on your writing style & word mis-spellings, don't you also have pics of your baby on your ms? I know Josh does, and so does most of the general population that uses ms.)

Go bark up another tree. You're showing how concerned you are about this info getting out there just by coming here again & again & making comments. This story, from start to end, will continue to be publicly posted for the whole world to see, and if you don't like it, then why don't you enlighten us with the "real facts" as you see them? Tell us why you feel poor ole Josh/Carla/Laurie K shouldn't be looked at as being responsible for Trenton's disappearance. And by facts, I don't mean what "they" have told you, I mean solid, on paper facts like the blogger here has put forth. You can't do it, can you.

nicoleinny said...

agree with you anonymous. sounds like people are getting scared about what is being said, maybe hitting very close to home. With a following of 16 on this blog it is obvious who the dissenter is. If that isn't enough just reread the posting and note the typos, use of language, someone REALLY intelligent wrote that, I'd say a flower shop owner.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how Nancy Grace doesn't want cameras when she is the focus, yet she has built a career out of harassing anyone foolish enough to go on her show in front of cameras. And then it comes up that the victims ex-husbands family was feeding NG anything negative they could about the young woman? It sounds like Ms Grace's staff had judged and convicted her before she ever went on the show. And low and behold, failed to note she was institutionalized at one point for mental illness? Lets hound someone to death....quite literally. How was that supposed to get the young boy back?

Talk about an ambush for the unwary. What a hypocrite and bully Ms Grace is. She can dish it but can't handle any heat. Hey Nancy, maybe you should go bully some young kids. You will feel better about yourself after. Maybe you can bully them to the point they cry. I suggest you go harass the mentally ill now. They won't be able to defend themselves, and apparently you excel at attacking that specifically weak person. What a media giant.....

giant...embarrassment that is.

Maytruthprevail said...

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on Nancy Grace

During the Elizabeth Smart case, when suspect Richard Ricci was arrested by police on the basis that he had a criminal record and had worked on the Smarts' home, Grace immediately and repeatedly proclaimed on CourtTV and CNN's Larry King that Ricci "was guilty,"[citation needed] although there was little evidence to support this claim. She also suggested publicly that Ricci's girlfriend was involved in the cover-up of his alleged crime. Grace continued to accuse Ricci, though he died while in custody.
It was later revealed that Smart was kidnapped by Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, two individuals with whom Richard Ricci had no connection.
When CourtTV confronted Grace seven months later to ask whether she was incorrect in her assertion that Ricci was guilty, and whether or not she felt bad about it in any way, she stated that Ricci was "a known ex-con, a known felon, and brought suspicion on himself, so who could blame anyone for claiming he was the perpetrator?"[citation needed] When Larry King asked her about the matter, she equated criticism of herself with criticism of the police in the case. She said: "I'm not letting you take the police with me on a guilt trip."[24]
In July 2006, Grace interviewed Elizabeth Smart and repeatedly asked her for information about her experience. During the course of the questioning, Smart asked her to stop and stated, "I really am here to support the bill and not to go into what — you know, what happened to me." When Grace persisted, asking Smart what it was like to see out of a burqa her abductors forced her to wear, a visibly upset Smart replied, "I'm really not going to talk about this at this be frankly honest, I really don't appreciate you bringing all this up." Grace replied, "I'm sorry, dear, I thought that you would speak out to other victims, but you know what, I completely understand."

In another part of the article it states that Nancy says "she goes with the information she has".

She and her producers did not investigate and they just went with "the information she had"...wrong information, AGAIN.