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Clue or Clueless?

POSTED: 5:57 pm EDT October 2, 2006

UPDATED: 6:04 pm EDT October 2, 2006

“LEESBURG, Fla. -- A gas credit card is the latest clue in the case of missing 2-year-old Trenton Duckett. Monday, investigators revealed Melinda Duckett bought gas at a BP station on U.S. Highway 27 in south Leesburg the day before Trenton was reported missing”

There was no BP credit card found among Melinda’s belongings. There were 17 others, but NO BP card.

“The revelation means one more hour of Melinda Duckett's timeline has been filled in, but police don't know if Trenton was with her there, because she paid at the pump and there are no surveillance cameras outside.” (How convenient)

Leesburg Police refuse to accept the evidence of a witness’ statement that she saw Melinda with Trenton at the Wendy’s in Belleview on Sunday at approximately 11:30 am. This witness passed a polygraph. Melinda’s cell phone pings place her at that particular Wendy’s on that Sunday.

“From a piece of Melinda Duckett's old mail, investigators discovered she bought gas at the BP on Saturday, August 26 at 5:25pm, just about an hour after her last confirmed sighting when she left her grandparents' house.”

How can they say OLD mail when they also say it was a brand new account. I’ve considered the possibility that “someone” wanted to place Melinda in that particular area for a particular reason. It would be very easy to open an account in her name and have the statement delivered to the post office box she had shared with Josh.

"It forces us to consider she didn't go north to the Ocala forest area," said Capt. Steve Rockefeller, Leesburg Police Department.

After Melinda committed suicide about three weeks ago, investigators focused much of their attention on Melinda going to the Ocala National Forest from her grandparents' home in Lady Lake.

Police said Melinda drew a map for her attorney, showing that's where she went. But if she was at the gas station in south Leesburg, police now think she could have traveled south before going north.

"And now going south, that kinda opens up a whole new area," Rockefeller said. That means the search for the missing 2-year-old could expand to even more wooded areas.

Melinda's hand drawn map was her Sunday Drive Melinda didn’t go north to Ocala on Saturday, nor did she say she did. She went north to Ocala on Sunday, NOT Saturday night.

And this is the police department in charge of the investigation?


princess_azure said...

Perhaps Josh opened a fake account in Melinda's name? Are the Leesburg police corrupt or just plain incompetent?

Hmmm , for some reason I think it's the latter (corrupt). The theory that Melinda handed Trenton off came from these very same cops. Perhaps we should e-mail these findings to the FBI. Because the local authorities weren't any help. Which is why Melinda didn't call 911 when she saw the intruder , it would have been useless.

I suspect it was because an officer(s?) WAS the intruder. Josh didn't shoot Melinda himself but he was involved. It's the same with Trenton's kidnapping. I think that Josh passed the poly because he knew where Trenton was. Now that I think about it ,it would have been equally useless to poly Carla/Jason/Laurie/Amber because they would have passed too. Why? Because they also knew where Trenton was.

You should revisit the photo in magazine. That little boy has the exact same facial structure as Trenton. Plus , Mrs. Eubank said that this little boy also had a habit of pinching shirts (EXACTLY like Trenton).

I did a comparison and the age progressed photo looks nothing like Trenton IMO. As to Trenton's whereabouts today , I suspect Josh may have handed him off in another state.

Maytruthprevail said...

When the BP "card" vs "gas bill" came about, uSleuth forum posters went into a frenzy of discussion.
I personally drove to what I thought was the correct BP location and took pictures. I picked up a BP gas card application and it would be very simple to fill it out, especially if you had lived with Melinda.

My contention was that someone wanted to place Melinda at that location. There was talk that it was the same place where Melinda and Josh exchanged Trenton during visitation times, but that was false. Then the discussion turned to the Mineaola house where Team Trenton received a tip and went to this abandoned house and found a ball like the kind Trenton played with (a ball from one of those gumball tyupe machines), and it wasn't announced but they found an onion (like someone had been there recently) and a note on a North Carolina stationary. The discussion continued that this stationary was a place where Marshall Frank had sent his grandchild to keep him away from his mother. (Remember the baker act in "Call Me Mommy". The person who was adamant about it was a poster who said she was the grandmother of this little boy and was suing Marshall Frank".

But this Mineola house was near the BP gas station. What is even more peculiar is that this same police department has listed these items on their EVIDENCE report:
the ball
the onion
and the note.
They even have listed the toy elephant that is not even Trenton's listed on the EVIDENCE SHEET.

And why would Team Trenton be the ones to investigate this house? Like maybe they could plant evidence? Like the dumpster?

This case needs to be investigated from square one.

princess_azure said...

My mistake. I realize my statements were off topic but it dawned on me when I was reading a story on NCMEC about Trenton.

Maytruthprevail said...

Your post is no mistake, it's ALL revelent. Just trying to add a little background info.

Maytruthprevail said...
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Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why if law enforcement is privy to all this information these people that make up Team Trenton are still walking the streets?? It is obvious to anyone who can read what happened in this case. Should we begin contacting the Florida Attorney General????

Maytruthprevail said...

I'm with you on this. There has been no evidence in this case. LE picked a suspect (with the help of false information being fed to them) and tried to make the evidence point to the suspect. LE says that the abduction looked staged. It was, but not by Melinda. I don't think even Melinda realized that she was set up...once again. LE did not reveal the items in the trash until long after Melinda was dead and could not defend herself. I believe the screen was slashed with an instument to point to Melinda because she always wore a knife on her belt (or a box cutter because of her job). Why cut the screen when you could just romove it? Melinda stated in the NG transcripts that the police were able to reach through the window and reach the bed. Melinda was compulsively neat. She would not have just scattered things in the dumpster. And why would she throw items away in plain view to implicate herself? And why would she keep so many items if as comments said she was trying to rid herself of Trenton? Let's not forget the carseat for sale saga. Melinda had three other car seats.

And why hasn't Trenton been found all this time. Because they have been looking at the wrong suspect.

I still have one huge question. Why did Carla Massero close her business, a flower shop, her only means of income, the day after Trenton went missing. Why not set up their headquaters in a place they were well known? What doesn't Carla want people to find in that old shop in Bushnell?

And why since Josh had an alibi for every thing he did, why didn't they poly Carla? Where was she that night when Josh was with his friends in Bushnell?

And detective Rich Giles lives only 6 minutes from Melinda's apartment. And Laurie Konnerth's work is only 15 minutes away. Bushnell is approximately 20 miles away and Webster is 31 miles away.

Rich Giles thought Melinda was guilty from the first moment. He was the one who "investigated" the BOA theft. Why was he so convinced so quickly? His partner was suggesting that Melinda join the police force. How ironic. Just as ironic that Lifestream after she was bakeracted offered Melinda a job and she chose to work at TruGreen.

It just doesn't add up. And I hope some real investigator looks into this case. It's the only way we're going to find Trenton.

What's also odd? Is that the news hasn't published the fact that Josh was the costar in the porn. If you google about the porn it is always only Melinda.

I guess they don't want to admit they were wrong.

NicoleinNY said...

I am so aggravated after having spent the night read ing all the info on this blog. First thing this A.M. I emailed The Florida Atty General's office out of frustration with this case. I just can not believe someone is not investigating this Carla person further. I will email them everyday in an attempt to get someone other than local law enforcement to look at this case and ALL the trashy players from Josh's family that are involved. Boy, when this is over a lot of LE heads should roll for incompetence, Josh should be sterilized and Carla should be sitting next to her beloved James.

Anonymous said...

I know I just commented....however I am riveted with this case. I have also emailed the Leesburg police as a concerned individual. I am curious if there is anything I can do here in NY to help. This is outrageous and I am so very angry!! If Melinda's grandma and grandpa read this blog I want to say I am so sorry for your loss and there are alot of people (all over) concerened witht he truth coming out in this case.

Maytruthprevail said...

God luck with Leesburg Police. They read here so they know. Some concerned citizens have tried to get information (we have the Sunshine Law here in Florida) but they get put off. Imagine that. Even Bill Eubank has tried to get information. What's interesting is that CNN lawyers (who also read here) have asked for items on the evidence list - items which belong to the estate - especially Melinda's laptop computer. I for one would like to see them have it examined as they will find nothing of evidentiary value, but would they admit it? It seems that everyone who has any public say is not admitting poor investigation skills. The media just runs with the propaganda handed to them. Where's Walter Krronkite when you need him?

nicoleinny said...

I'm not surprised. I just felt like an email to them and others would help deflate my anger about this case. I can't believe all this time has passed and nothing is being done. Sounds like the Keystone Kops down there (not that NY is any better, mind you). I hope Melinda's parents/grandparents prevail with their suit against Nancy Grace and are able to see a resolution to this case in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

First of all who are you to pass judgement on Josh and his family???I have so much to say about this whole stupid pointless blog but i am better then that and refuse to stoop down to your leave.I will add that if you have so much time on your hands try using it in a positive matter like looking for Trenton and other missing kids instead of PLAYING detective.

Maytruthprevail said...

What makes you think this is not looking for Trenton? The handful of people have been so successful in painting the monster picture of Melinda, that she was some mentally distturbed young woman when in fact she was not. They lied. Let me restate that...

They lied in order to get custody of Trenton.

So if they lied to GET custody of Trenton - 5 times - with DCF then what makes you think they didn't lie about knowing where Trenton is.

Everyone has been so busy looking into Melidna done it, and no one has been looking at maybe Carla and Josh took Trenton...out the window. They even left one of their pictures of the sonogram in the trash, just to implicate Melinda.

And Laurie Konnerth was talking into Rich Giles ear 24/7.

And what about the trust fund money. Josh was working for a family friend's electric company, what happened to that job?

I betcha they've written quite a few IOU's to the trust fund, which has not been set up as a 501. Laurie Konnerth quickly joined Kid Finders Network as a director, just to CYA.

So this blog is looking for Trenton. Because until people start seeing the truth about the set up of Melinda, no one is going to look at the cell phone records and pings of Josh Duckett. Where was he that night?

Oh yeah, with is friends in Bushnell and his parents (plural) when he only lives with his mother and her boyfriend Jason Fort.

nicoleinny said...

HMMMMM-sounds lie a nerve was struck in anonymous. If this blog is pointless why are you logging on and reading all the comments??? Nervous about what people are saying?? Too close to home maybe??

nicoleinny said...

just read your comment about Laurie Kennerth going to Kid Finders Network!! Is this the same one whose Pres was investigated for taking money and NOT FINDING ONE CHILd in 11/08?? Also the one who tried to extort money from Crime Stoppers? Sounds about right, match made in heaven! Like minded criminals often find each other.

nicoleinny said...

meanwhile, I went to the Kid Finders Network website via a link on their blog and it is nothing about missing kids that I found. There is a bunch of links to singles sites, vacation sites, etc... strange or maybe not so much considering who is involved.