Monday, January 25, 2010

What Else Has Josh Lied About? Meet Josh Boggs

Here's Josh's yearbook picture from South Sumter High School.  Everyone there knew him as Josh Boggs, not Josh Duckett.

Melinda knew him as Josh Boggs when she  introduced him to her grandparents. Josh's mother had married Brian Lee Boggs, 10 years her junior, shortly after James Duckett went to prison. Carla was only married to Boggs for under three years. Her sons Josh and Justin were not adopted by Boggs, so why they were able to use that name for their school records is unknown. Though I am certain that the family was ashamed of James Duckett and wanted to alienate themselves from his crime of raping and murdering a 12 year old girl.  Although Carla Boggs did accept money for Justin and Josh to visit James in prison. Without the money she would not have let them visit.

It was when James Duckett appealed his case in Lake County, Florida in 2003 that Josh told Melinda that James was his father, and Josh's name was really Josh Duckett.

To further show that Josh was painting a picture of Melinda as a crazy unfit mother, here is a quote from an email I received from a relative of Josh's other son:

"Hey XXXX the only thing I can tell you is this.

I knew a Josh Boggs.......I did not know a Josh when XXXX said she was bringing over a guy named Josh duckett I had no idea who he was.....I certainly did not know he was 22 yrs old either. I thought they were just hanging out as teenagers do. So he and a buddy of his (?) came over to the house....and XXXX began to say how this guys son was missing.....I hadn't heard about anything like that so I was shocked and amazed that he would be hanging out and Lord only knows what could tell that he was a partier. (In my own opinion) Then at that time she (XXXX) began to say how his son had been missing for a couple of months. He painted a picture of a crazy Korean girl that was off her rocker that had done something with his son. I did not know she was his wife, I was under the impression they were girlfriend and boyfriend. estranged. I thought it was so bizaar! He was hanging out over at my house (for weeks) and even him and XXXX would curl up on my couch and fall asleep---which at the time i thought was very inappropriate given the situation but XXXX was saying how he just needed to crash sometimes because he was worried about his son and finding him. XXXX has lots of friends, boys and girls and just a social butterfly so i thought this was just like any other friendship where she was being a good friend and giving a shoulder to lean on. It also struck me as being funny--odd-- that he got a cocky grin on his face telling me for the first time meeting him how "you probably know me from being on TV" which i clearly had not even seen the tv or him either. THEN XXXX said " you remember Josh Boggs, don't you?" it was at that point I did remember the name not the face. I remembered the name because XXXX used to have a crush on him up at the skating rink. Still thinking he was a teenager, they told me he was 19. just turned 19. When XXXX got pregnant, I was devestated! Then when I found out how old Josh was, I was mad! But what was done was done. And then to hear all of the junk that this family had been thru and was going thru I just could not believe that XXXX would ever get mixed up in this. I did love Josh as that point, because he had real potential. my whole family knew it. He was trying to be a good provider and responsible. I have since changed my views! He had potential to be a great father, he chooses not to. I could tell you more stories good and bad. I hate what Melinda went thru, I hate what sin does to people's lives. We need to form a prayer circle. Calling down the Power of Prayer."


Maytruthprevail said...

Take notice. There is a pattern here. Even after Josh had Melinda falsely baker acted, Melinda AND her grandparents gave Josh a chance to "redeem" himself. Bill wrote in a letter how he considered Josh to be his grandson and that he was proving himself to be a responsible person. Then Bill wrote, well "he really proved himself"! The same as written in this article's email. "I've since changed my views"! He CHOOSES NOT to be a good father. As Bill says, Josh puts on a "good front".

And Josh's racist comment of referring to Melinda as a crazy Korean off her rocker brings the threatening email to mind: "fuckin chink ass and damn foreign slanted eyed bitches don't belong here".

Melinda commit suicide? Looks more like a hate crime to me.

princess_azure said...

Josh sounds like a textbook sociopath to me. As far as the racist comments go , could the people posting on youtube be Josh using sockpuppets?

One comment that stuck out with me was; "This chink b**** just wanted a white baby". Ugh! Typing that made cringe. As an aside , I should post this info on dontdatehimgirl to warn other young women about this wretched family.

PS , when Josh slept with the new mother when she was 17 and he was 22 that was statutory rape. This girl's parents could have had him prosecuted.

Maytruthprevail said...

princess, can you send me the link to the utube you are referring to? If you want you can send it to my email


princess_azure said...

I just sent you the link.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sociopaths....
I find it interesting how Josh is BFFs with the Anthony family, hanging out with Casey Anthony's family. sociopaths stick together?

princess_azure said...

@ cloud9 , quite frankly I'm surprised Josh & Casey didn't start dating. Those two are a match made in Hell ;-)