Thursday, January 7, 2010

Melinda Duckett - Mental Issues

Melinda Duckett's mental issues were Joshua Duckett and his mother Carla Massero. Five times they called DCF to take Trenton away from Melinda. When Josh and Melinda were first  married, Carla couldn't stand it and had a handful of people constantly call them to harrass them and berate them. Carla was even going to have them arrested under false pretenses of stealing items from her property. Josh and Melinda both filed for a restraining order against Carla. After only 3 months of marriage when Josh finally left Melinda (the mall incident ) on October 30, 2005, DCF was called in again. Each time DCF found nothing. DCF finally told Josh that they weren't going to believe him anymore, especailly since he recanted the first allegations. That's why in 2006, DCF was not called. Also in May 2006 Melinda was finally awarded SOLE custody of Trenton. That's when she filed for divorce, which she signed June 14, 2006.

Melinda had NO mental issues. She was a young girl who just wanted to  be accepted and loved like any one of us. She worked hard to earn good grades and she wanted to be successful. She did not leave her parents in New York because she had "mental issues", she left because she was planning for her future. What person who is "suicidal" plans for their future? Here are portions of a letter she wrote to her Nana and Poppa in 2002 while still a young teenager, making plans to move to Florida and go to college.

To further show Melinda's lack of mental issues, here is her April 30, Lifestream evaluation

To view her June 2005 evaluation that was already published click here


princess_azure said...

I guess what Melinda did that was so unforgivable was that she married Josh. The picture above this article is also very telling; no woman will ever love Josh like Carla.

I read on iheart2gossip about another young woman that Josh dated named Katy and apparently Carla chased her away. I tried read up more on her but she hasn't given any interviews that I'm aware of. It would be understandable if she wanted forget that she ever knew these people.

Maytruthprevail said...

I remember Katy, from Ocala. She had twin little girls (not Josh's) Rumor had it he gave her a knockout diamond ring. (trust fund money). She emailed one of the defending Melinda posters a few times. They broke up approxinmately 6 months after Trenton went missing. Because Josh was seeing another girl - age 17 - and she became pregnant with his other son. The new mommy had met him at a skating rink and had a crush on him for a while. She knew him as Josh Boggs (Carla had married Brian Lee Boggs (Wildwood) when she left James Duckett. (Think Brian was waiting in the wings. She had gone to Brian's high school prom with him when he was 17 and she was 27).

Amazingly Katy still "loved" Josh. I even think that the new mommy has feelings for him. Just like Melinda did, even after he had her baker acted. But, I believe Melinda got over him, especially after receiving the email. I believe that woke her up.

I've also heard that Josh broke up with Katy because she was "cutting herself", in her mind trying to emulize Melinda. However, Melinda no longer cut herself as she bore no scars anywhere on her body (except for the one from the skater crowd on her left shoulder hidden by her tattoo) - read the autopsy report.

I wonder if Josh Duckett ever had a psychological test. I bet those results would be very interesting.

princess_azure said...

I'm beginning to think maybe Josh is the unstable one.

NicoleinNY said...

I completely agree with princess azure....the line in the relationship btw Josh and Carla is very blurred. It baffles me that LE does not see these people for what they are. How come lay people like us can read this info and come to one conclusion and LE looks at it points the finger at Melinda? How are these people getting away with harrassing people and intimadating them without repercussion?? As I have said in my last posts I have emailed the ATTY General, Leesburg Police and will continue to be a thorn in their inbox.

Anonymous said...

Do you even know these people you are talking about here?? You "read" something or you "heard" something..geez

nicoleinny said...

To Anonymous: I thank god every day I don't know TRASH like these people. It would seem to me everything Carla and Josh are putting out is rumor and inneundo about Melinda. The pot shouldn't call the kettle black. Fortunately for me I recieved an education along with that came the ability to read........the facts. As I said before, I hope these low rent lowlives are being investigated behind the scenes...can we say Ron Cummings!!!!

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