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Where's the Evidence Against Melinda Duckett?

Here are some snippits from the news covering this case discussing the investigation and "evidence" against Melinda Duckett. You will be surprised at their findings.

MOM'S BELONGINGS HOLD NO CLUES About Son's Disappearance

POSTED: 3:44 pm EDT October 25, 2006
UPDATED: 8:08 pm EDT October 25, 2006

LEESBURG, Fla. -- State crime labs investigating the belongings of a missing toddler's mother found no evidence of where Trenton Duckett may be.

The state investigated her computer, personal writings and belongings to look for clues about the boy's whereabouts.

Leesburg police said four knives and a box cutter taken from Melinda Duckett's apartment were not used to cut the screen in Trenton's room.

According to crime lab investigators, they can't tell whether the screen was cut from the inside or outside.

Investigators are still looking over Melinda Duckett's computer for clues.

"We did check for any forensic evidence and one of the things taken into consideration is that the walls were freshly painted, and nothing was found of evidentiary value," said Rockefeller.

Channel 9 has learned technicians even used a special spray that would show evidence under the paint, but still found nothing.

The last hours of the lake search relied heavily on sonar technology. It revealed more than 30 objects masked by this water all of which turned out to be nothing

The only debris removed from the lake getting a second look is a punctured trash bag recovered earlier in the search. It is similar to bags found at Melinda Duckett's apartment complex. Initially, the bag from the lake tested positive for blood evidence. It turned out that was false, but the lab work will continue.

Investigators in the search for a missing Leesburg, Fla., boy said they found some type of child's shoe in the Ocala National Forest Tuesday but do not believe it belongs to the child, according to Local 6 News.

Plans to capture alligators and examine their stomachs in an area where crews have been searching for Trenton were called off Monday night.

Law enforcement sources in Lake County told the WESH 2 I-Team that Melinda Duckett became a potential suspect almost immediately after she reported her 2-year-old son, Trenton, missing because of her initial reactions.

Police asked to search her apartment on Aug. 27 -- the night she reported Trenton missing. She consented, but investigators also went to court to get a search warrant.

But what grabbed investigators' attention was pictures, officials said. They said a lot of pictures of Trenton, including the sonogram printout from when Duckett was pregnant, were all thrown away in the trash.

Investigators said the photos are what made them take a hard look at Duckett from the beginning of the investigation. Detectives said they are still trying to figure out how those clues might relate to Trenton's disappearance

Police said there's no evidence as to who threw the photos away, but (Melinda) Duckett was staying in the apartment.

On the bag, investigators discovered a substance that some believed was blood and holes that appeared to be from alligator bites. The bag was sent to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab in Jacksonville for analysis, and forensic tests showed that the substance on that bag is not blood.

Since the suicide, investigators have been leaning toward the possibility that Melinda Duckett staged her son's disappearance.

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Originally posted by sask:

plazaroyale, that's all very interesting info about Trenton's grandfather. 'A likely serial killer!'

It's almost like they are working hard to use this media attention to exonerate the father by portraying him as a caring a loving grandfather i.e. "jimmy".. they have touted him to be more and helping "poor" Joshua, the father, than exemplefying the MOTHER and her pain over all of this. It's like they want to point the finger at the mother.
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