Saturday, December 19, 2009

Melinda's Mitsubishi Eclipse

According to the vehicle history report, Melinda's car was reported at auto auction and announced as a fleet lease on January 30, 2007. Then on February 23, 2007 a lien was recorded to a woman in Eustis, Florida.

On February 13, 2007 a letter from Leesburg Police was sent to Kimberly Schulte notifying her that the car was "repossessed" by the bank. Melinda's car was part of her estate, and the estate was not notified that any payments needed to be made, or that the car was going to be given up to whomever, without first asking the Personal Representative if it was to be kept as part of the estate or sold, rather than repossessed. Melinda had paid the car down to below $7,000. It could have sold according to the NADA bluebook for at least $7,200.

Also curious at that time was that Kevin Massero, (Josh Duckett's step father, and Carla Massero's estranged husband) telephoned Nancy and Bill Eubank to ask them about Melinda's car, and that Josh wanted it. Nancy told him that there was still payments owed on the car, or did Josh expect them to pay for it and hand it over to him?

So when Nancy and Bill received the letter below they were quite surprized and a little angry. Why were they told after the fact? How can something being held in evidence be released so easily? And now for the big question. Why didn't the vehicle history state that the car was repossessed in January or February? The history shows that it was repossessed September 17, 2007. Someone drove it 10,000 miles.

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