Thursday, December 17, 2009

Josh Duckett's Dilemma

I am also wondering, if the paternity settlement agreement he signed and is recorded in Sumter County Florida states anything about custody of Trenton. I believe it does.

Also, DCF would no longer take any allegations from Josh after his November stunt. 5 cases opened, 5 cases closed. So the "crew" had to come up with another plan to get custody, even though Josh signed those papers. This would be tricky, so Melinda would have to be arrested and put in jail or killed.

Here's something to consider, there is no such thing as a posthumous divorce in Florida and I do believe only a judge has the final word on custody whether it's in divorce proceedings or probate. I believe no judge signed off on Josh's agreement as to custody.

The Protective Injuction situation might stop Josh from becoming plenary guardian. Josh would like to get that charge thrown out and has been trying since September 2009. Also, Josh is vying for 50% custody of his other son, and having an order for protection involving his first son may affect the outcome of the court's decision.

I would think for the probate plenary guardian (guardian of Trenton and Trenton's property) issue, a GAL could be assigned and would be able to protect Trenton in that matter and speak for him in the probate proceedings if indeed the TRO still exists. The GAL could attempt to see if LE took all the necessary measures to investigate - like taking the computer Josh used to do his regular posting and e-mailing with for one, or his friends who may have access to his passwords.

If Josh was able to have the will voided on some matter, I believe he could take from the estate under elective share and exempt property,so he would then be also taking from Trenton's share in effect, plus profit from any wrongful death or misuse of image award the estate itself receives.

With that said, it is obvious why Josh wants to have the Protective Order against him dropped and has attempted to do so. That, and if and when Trenton returns, legally Josh Duckett is ordered to have NO Contact with Trenton per the court order.

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princess_azure said...

When the BOA set up backfired they had come with something else. I suspect that's the reason that Melinda is dead now. Josh & Carla couldn't get Melinda sent to jail so the crew had to find a way to be rid of her; that's where the "suicide" comes in.

Like an earlier commenter said; revisit the crime scene photos. I looked at the photo and that person was right. The blood splatter isn't consistent with a suicide. Now the question isn't whether or not Melinda shot herself but rather who is her killer? I think that Josh had something to do with this murder but he probably wasn't the shooter.

I'm thinking that Josh & Carla paid someone to do their dirty work. Perhaps a corrupt contact on the force. As far Josh trying to get control of Melinda's estate that doesn't surpruse me one bit. This whole mess really came down to one thing; money and how to avoid parting with it.