Saturday, December 5, 2009

Marshall Frank - Call Me Mommy

Retired police captain, Marshall Frank, has written another excellent read in his latest work, Call Me Mommy. Marshall is definitely a prolific writer - he has authored five books and hundreds of short stories and essays to date.

I would classify Call Me Mommy as a tragic suspense saga. Marshall succeeds in making the book more realistic by using elements of some factual events within the story line.

The main character, Laura is fooled into having sex with a callous and selfish boy while she was still in high school. Lloyd was ill prepared for fatherhood and was forced into marriage with a girl he did not love. His greed and animosity is apparent from the beginning. Lloyd ruthlessly ripped Laura out of his home and his life when he arranged through corrupt contacts to have her committed to a mental health clinic. When released from this prison sentence, she discovered she lost all rights to see her son.
This well-written novel is an emotional story of a mother with a deep level of compassion, commitment and loyal endurance. Her self-sacrificing efforts might not save her son, but she may be able to save her grandson and have a little taste of revenge as well. Through it all, Laura remains a strong individual who learns to make room for true love and sexual passion.

Call Me Mommy is tastefully written; full of action and suspense with elements of underground crime, professional corruption and vengeance.

ISBN#: 0974727865
Author: Marshall Frank
Publisher: Harlan Publishing

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Marhsall Frank is also the ex-Miami detective who believed that Josh Duckett's father James Aren Duckett was innocent and wrongly accused. James was sentenced to the electric chair 20 years ago for the rape and murder of 12 year old Theresa McAbee, while a policeman in Mascotte, Florida. After interviewing James, Marshall stated that he felt James was lying and could be responsible for two other murders of children.

This book "Call Me Mommy" was released March 2005. Did Josh Duckett and his mother get their idea to "baker act" Melinda to gain custody of Trenton from reading this book? Or is this just another "coincidence" in this case?

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princess_azure said...

They also knew plenty of corrupt people. I wonder where they got the idea to kidnap Trenton when this didn't work