Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FDLE - Josh Duckett's Family Provide Naked Picture of Melinda

On August 28, 2006 the investigating officer received three print out pages from a website provided by Josh Duckett's family. Included, was a naked picture of Melinda Duckett in a "sexual pose".

Let me see if I "get the picture here".

Josh Duckett's son Trenton is abducted the evening before. Is Josh frantically searching for his son? Is he crying, wondering where Trenton is? Or is he digging up dirt on Melinda which he so readily had available.
It doesn't appear to me that Josh was worried about WHERE TRENTON WAS/IS. In fact, ALL THE DUCKETT FAMILY wanted was for MELINDA not to have Trenton. I don't believe they EVER cared about Trenton because if they truly cared about him, Melinda would be alive and Trenton would be visible and not hidden.

Here is the FDLE report:

I know. The picture is not a naked picture of Melinda. It's a naked picture of Josh Duckett. I suppose he left that out when he  (or maybe it was Laurie Konnerth as Duckett "family") so happily gave the info to the police.

As they say "one picture is worth a thousand words".


princess_azure said...

If my child were missing the last thing on my mind would be digging up dirt on his/her father. I would be going insane with worry , so Josh wouldn't have had time to do this unless he knew where Trenton was the the whole time. And this is also how he passed the polygraph.

It's amazing that people took beating the lie detector as a sign of Josh's innocence. If remember correctly Gary Ridgway (The Green River killer) passed his and he was guilty as sin.

Anonymous said...

Please put something else up so I do not have to look at him first thing!!! ARRRG!


Anonymous said...

Gary Ridgeway is a sociopath. Alot of sociopaths are able to pass a polygraph test.