Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bushnell Police Public Records April 6, 2005

Five years ago...

Josh Duckett called the DCF hotline and filed a complaint that Melinda (Eubank) Duckett was harming their son Trenton.  Here is the public record of that police incident case number 2005-041183.

Miss Crew stated that the allegations (those made by JOSH DUCKETT) were UNFOUNDED and that the child (TRENTON) was in good health and that his living enviornment was also good.

Officer Vaughan stated "I asked Mr. Duckett to leave the residence".

He also stated "Mrs. Crew (DCF) and myself left the residence SATISFIED THAT THE CHILD (TRENTON) WAS IN NO HARM."

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princess_azure said...

As "punishment" for refusing to lie , Chief Wells fired Officer Vaughan. Has Ms. Crew received any death threats? I ask because anybody who dares cross the Ducketts (read; tell the truth) has paid in some way , shape or form.