Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FDLE Interview: Carla Massero

The FDLE interview of Carla Massero is quite short. More than likely it is a summary of what Carla Massero testified.

Carla mentions an incident at the Plant City Strawberry Festival. Melinda was 4 months pregnant at the time. What is NOT mentioned, is that Carla Massero phoned Nancy Eubank and threatened to hire an attorney to get custody of the baby...BEFORE TRENTON  WAS EVEN BORN.

Also pictured with Carla is Jason Fort. He is the one that Melinda asked Lucas Brown for his last name to put on the Leesburg Police Report when Trenton was abducted. She told Lucas that Josh didn't have enough backbone to abduct Trenton himself and that he probably had his mother's 6'8" boyfriend do his dirty work for him.

Here is the (limited) interview:


princess_azure said...

"Melinda was found hiding in the bushes. When Massero touched , she began screaming." Huh? That doesn't even make any sense. Has Carla taken a psychological evaluation? Because honestly , I'm thinking she's disturbed as well.

Anonymous said...

Carla Massero has real issues, she stated her own father was a pedophile, her nephew Josh's cousin was arrested for child molestation but got a hung jury. First husband on death row, suspected serial killer of girls between 11-14,Carla even helped him by getting rid of bloody little girl panties and a toy her husband brought home for her. What a dutiful scumbag. Second husband a drug addict, and cocaine dealer (bet the flower store had some odd characters showing up) Carla had him watching and picking up Trenton for custody visits, what a good granny she was. He was jettisoned when he might prove a problem when Carla was going for custody of Trenton so enter 6'8" inch tall Jason Fort! Her sons friend an contemporary - don't they look like... mother and son together, how cute - guess that perversion is a genetic thing. Being so tall might have been an asset taking a child out of a window, grabbing a box out of the trash would have ensured a long reach that night. Next arson, charity donations, no jobs and loads of money the family had never enjoyed started pouring in - it was like the lottery with her stalker friend Laurie Konnerth the sole signitor on a charity that no one bothered to register so there would be oversight. Freeeeeee money and lots of it too!

So with the Duckett/Massero family you have murder, maybe even serial murders, pedophilia, child rape, kidnapping, lies, arson, multiple child abductions, financial irregularities and could there be insurance fraud tucked away in there too? Maybe we can ask Bill Konnerth about that. What we see is a lifetime of failure and white trash stink, bad choices and other people paying the price. Granny you go girl with your new young thang a child-man who only sees an old women growing grosser, flabbier and older by the day, but then Carla is used to cheating men, I mean her first husband was a child rapist after all. All men eventually leave Carla, right?