Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bushnell Police Public Records - December 27, 2005

The public records dated December 27, 2005 occurred just after Trenton visited with Josh and Carla for Christmas.  Josh had asked if he could spend Christmas with Melinda at the Eubanks home in The Villages, but Nancy Eubank had enough of his lies and told Melinda Josh was not welcome in their home.

Melinda Duckett was always concerned for the welfare of her son Trenton. It was an emotional time for her to have Trenton with the Ducketts (especially at Christmas) because of all the allegations, the false allegations, that Josh kept putting forth to DCF. He was always trying to take Trenton away from Melinda so HE would have custody and basically not have to pay child support. Melinda called the police for wellness checks on Trenton to be certain that Trenton would be returned to her. She didn't want Josh "keeping" him...away from her.

Melinda became aware that Carla's husband (Josh's step-dad) Kevin Massero had a cocaine addiction. Carla stated in the below police report that she thought Kevin had a "gambling" problem. How could she not know he was on cocaine?

Kevin was the designated person to exchange Trenton with Josh for visitations. But now that had to be changed for Trenton's welfare.

Isn't it amazing how everytime Josh Duckett accuses Melinda  "threatens to blow something up" no one else heard this statement. The statement overheard by Jeffrey Scott was because Josh Duckett put his cell phone on "speaker".  That reminds me of how Bushnell Police Chief was able to hear Melinda say she was "going to end it"...because Josh Duckett put his cell phone on "speaker".


Maytruthprevail said...

Another interesting coincidence - so many in this case - Melinda Duckett was accused of stealing $10,800 from the Bank of America (Article BOA Charge is BS) on what date? December 30, 2005.

Everytime Melinda turned around she as getting smacked in the face.
Melinda was the one being abused, not Trenton.

princess_azure said...

Even after reading this , I still don't understand why they kept doing these things to Melinda. I'm aware of the motive but the fact that someone could harbor this much hatred to a person who has literally done NOTHING to them is...frightening quite frankly.

What did Josh & Carla hope to accomplish?

Maytruthprevail said...

Why did Josh and Carla have Melinda "baker acted"? to protect her, were they concerned for her welfare? To protect Trenton?


Did they want Melinda out of the way, out of the picture, so they could have Trenton, to raise him - Carla's words, I believe on the tv interview was "As a Mom". Certainly she didn't mean that SHE - Carla - was Trenton's mom?

Trenton was the REASON that Carla lost control over Josh. Josh kept running back to Melinda.

So to answer your question, What did Josh & Carla hope to accomplish?

They wanted to Win. They even wrote Melinda a letter:

“i hate you because you ruined my life and took my son. i am going to hunt you and your damn son down one day and kill both of you. years ago you stole my heart and fucked me over. i don't even think trenton is my son anyway and your going to pay for what you've done to my life. i want you to be put through torture.

i'll never pay you child support and there's nothing you can do. i lied to the police to begin with and tried to ground you into the dirt but somehow you got out of it. just wait though, next time things will go my way and i will use any means of getting there. anything!

when i get my hands on your fuckin chink ass you'll regret what you've done. damn foreign slanted eyed bitches don't belong here anyway. and i'll bury your son with you.

there's only one way out of it all. i want you to go away, far away as possible, move out of florida and never come back. don't ask for money or contact me again in your lifetime, i don't want anything to do with you anymore. if you leave and never come back i will leave you alone and as long as i don't hear about you again i won't hunt you down. understand?

you leave this little piece of information between the two of us now because i don't want to have to stop by your apartment one night and hurt you. don't make me turn mean against you. remember how i used to hurt you before? i never hit you as hard as i will if i catch you letting someone know about this letter of ours.

now get the fuck out of this state you bitch.”

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