Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bushnell Police Public Records April 16, 2005

From the April 16th 2005 police incident report Case #2005-041320...

"Josh Duckett stated to Officer Vaughan that "he has to lie to her (Melinda) and tell her that is what he wants too (to get back together) because Mr. Duckett says he is afraid that Ms. Eubank will injure their child if he doesn't tell her what she wants to hear."

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princess_azure said...

I know someone like this (a compulsive liar) and I'm able tell when this person is lying to me when the details are too specific. That's probably what tipped Officer Vaughan off to the fact that Josh wasn't telling the truth. I say this because if someone has a particularly troubling experience ,they are only able to give vague descriptions.

An example; do you remember Ashley Todd? She claimed that a 6'4" black man (who suppoted Obama) attacked her. She also stated that he carved a letter B in her face with a 5" knife.

The police in that case were suspicious. Because as I stated earlier; If you've experienced that type of physical trauma you will NOT remember specific details. As it turns out , she'd given herself those injuries.

All of this is to say if Melinda really stalking/harassing Josh (sneaking into his truck , moving his tools around etc.) he wouldn't have remembered EXACTLY what Melinda said , much less had the foresight to tape record it.

Just like when he and Carla said Melinda was abusing Trenton. If your child were being abused why not intervene? Why would you take the time to tape record the threats and your child screaming and crying (What sadist does that BTW?).

Anyway , I'm sorry for rambling(again , lol!) and I hope that what said makes sense to you.