Monday, March 26, 2012

Billy Eubank - Happy 80th Birthday

Billy Eubank celebrates his 80th birthday today. I wish him and his precious wife Nancy many more years to come.  For the past few months he has battled high blood pressure and resulting stomach bouts which included time spent in the hospital undergoing numerous tests. He has had to curtail some of his duties at their church.  The doctor told him it was all caused by STRESS. Can't imagine what stress both he and Nancy have endured over the past eight years!

While Josh Duckett has gone on with his life (he married Debi Doster his girlfriend of 4 years on March 3, 2012) and his mother purchased the Tompkins Flower Shop in Bushnell, Billy and Nancy wake up every morning next to the bedroom where Melinda's faceless body was found  by Nancy. Every morning they pray for Trenton and believe that one day they will know the truth and that Melinda will be vindicated.

Here is a letter that Billy wrote on April 8, 2009 when CNN was taking depositions.
This is Billy with Mindy on August 14, 2006, the day of her 21st birthday and Trenton's 2nd birthday.

This is a picture of me and Billy. I will never give up looking for Trenton and vindicating Melinda's name. They stole her son, her life and her reputation.  And this is my promise to my "detective buddy" Billy Eubank...One Day...May Truth Prevail!


Anonymous said...


Even though it has been six years (this September) since Trenton disappeared, and Melinda departed from this world, I'm a firm believer of justice.

The evil that has been done to her will backlash threefold to those that plotted against her. This I promise.

I hope that you keep solving this case, even if it is to vindicate Melinda Duckett's name, regardless what she has done in her private life. She didn't deserve the media scrutiny and verbal harassment. No one does. I'm not a religious being, but, who were them to cast the first stone.

Best wishes.
RIP soon Melinda.

Gerald said...

Happy 80th!

I really admire what you are doing.

Keep going at it and I have no idea why this side of the story has not shed light to the public.

For all that we (the public) think, Melinda was to be blamed.

Nancy Grace, why don't you start grilling Josh Duckett? Oh thats right, because your a puppet who only absorbs information from one side.

princess_azure said...

I don't know if you're aware of this but Josh is going on Dr. Phil this week. I guess he figured since people are wising up to him and his mother he'd get back into the media.

Maybe we could email the producers a link to this blog. This doesn't come as a surprise to me seeing as Dr. Phil interviewed the George and Cindy Anthony.

princess said...

Here's the link; Josh is going to be on this Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blogs for sometime. When i first heard about this story i was on Melinda's side from the get go, why you ask? maybe it's because i'm half Korean ( Koreans stick together ya know ;) ) and the fact that Melinda was being scrutinized because she is Korean. I will say this as a 1/2 Korean who was raised by a single Korean Mother who too went on a difficult divorce battle when i was 3 years old. I 100% believe that Melinda loved Trenton with her whole heart and the way the Koreans ( and asians in general) are, they are very protective and privy of their kids. If it means hiding their children to keep from harms away they'll do it. It does appear that Josh and his family are a bunch of nut jobs that are out to hurt Melinda. Whoever has Trenton i hope Trenton is happy and forever is safe from the nutty duckett family. May Melinda RIP.

Maytruthprevail said...

While I have to keep an open mind, I just can't wrap around the idea that Melinda sent Trenton off somewhere, out from under her nose. She was very protective of Trenton, just like you said. One additional consideration is that Melinda was adopted and Trenton was her blood son. Even more so to keep him close to her. I looked at every day up until his disappearance. I believe the Wendy's witness, that she saw Trenton early that Sunday afternoon. I believe Kristiey Cabbage that she saw Trenton with his father Josh (whom she didn't know) the Monday after he went missing. Melinda was hysterical when he went missing. Not like Carla Massero's fake crying face she displays on television. Melinda also told her grandfather the night he went missing that she had failed. That she was supposed to protect Trenton. Re-read the getaway. That rendition of what could have happened rings true.

I do believe it was a hate crime because Melinda was Asian. She would never have written those slurs in the threatening email about her ethneticity.

I am praying that we will know the truth soon.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful site. Thank you for sharing.

I put a link to it at a memorial page I set up for her years ago.