Tuesday, February 14, 2012

August 27, 2006...The Getaway

Windemere Apartments

View of driveway between apartment and gas station

Another view of driveway from gas station to apartment

Situation for an easy getaway.

Now take a look and you decide WHO the primary suspect should be. Do you still think it's Melinda?

Josh Duckett lived with Melinda at the Windemere Apartments #48 in Leesburg until they separated Oct 30, 2005.

He knew her habits of cracking the windows; that she put Trenton to bed around 8 PM. He knew which room Trenton slept in and the position of his bed.

On the evening of July 3, 2006 a car was parked next to Melinda's apartment and hidden by the firewall (there are no windows) on that side of the apartment. They sat there undetected, in the dark of the evening and the overhead large trees. They had their laptop with them and found the wireless IP of Melinda. They sent the threatening email from Josh's Fuckface account to Melinda's myspace at 8:15 PM.

To check to see if the IP address would show up, they then sent a myspace post from Josh's Fuckface account (they would have had to been logged in to his account) to Cierra Bacon's myspace account 11 minutes later at 8:26 PM.

Cierra was Josh Duckett's friend NOT Melinda's. (She is still a friend on Josh's and Carla's facebook accounts as well as appeared on the television show Vanished with Josh Duckett.) Here is a post she made to Josh's myspace account on August 15 (after Josh visited his dad in prison on the 12th and Melinda was scared and trying to get her hands on $5,000 to protect her and Trenton)

On Friday, July 14, 2006  Trenton's room had the windows cracked. Someone, removed the screen or made a slight cut in the screen undetected, and handed Trenton two pictures of Josh Duckett on his bike. There was an injunction in place and Carla was furious about the injunction because it prevented her from seeing Trenton. And Carla always seemed to have some sort of retalliation in place when it came to Melnda Duckett.

To me, it was a "dry run" of the abduction to come:

They were able to park outside Melinda's apartment on Monday night July 3, 2006 and pick up her wireless IP as they sat in their car with their laptop. It was 8:15 PM so it was dark enough that they wouldn't be detected. They wanted her to press charges against Josh so that they could show that the IP address was hers and then have her arrested for perjury. They posted a comment minutes later on Cierra Bacon's myspace account to test that it went through with Melinda's IP address.

Why? Melinda was awarded sole custody of Trenton. Josh only had visitation rights.

Question: Why would Josh Duckett catch up his child support payment so as not to be in contempt of court in July and then make no attempt to keep current. He was past due for July and August when Trenton went missing?

Josh was court ordered to pay $403 per month in child support until Trenton attained the age of 18. The morning/afternoon of July 3, 2006 - after several previous attempts - Carla Massero accepted service of the divorce papers and the non payment of child support notice. A certain MOTIVE to send the threatening email from Josh's myspace account that very evening.

Included in those papers was a request for alimony to be paid until such time as the child support was brought current. Josh was behind 3 months which was $1,209. Because of the restraining order placed, Josh HAD to bring his child support current. He paid 2 months totaling $806. Around this same time, Trenton's daycare was broken into and cash was taken in the amount of $800. Josh knew where the cash was kept. The front door was kicked in.

(an aside) Melinda Duckett's estate lawyer suing CNN - Kara Skarupa's office in Palm Beach - was broken into during the time that Josh Duckett was in Boca Raton (he was there around 2 months time according to the mother of his second son. He went there whileshe was pregnant between February 2007 and November 2007. Kara's office had the front door kicked in and their laptops were stolen. This occurred in August 2007.

Melinda had a two hour trial set up for her divorce scheduled September 13.

She also had a paternity settlement agreement regarding Trenton where Josh stated he would never try to get custody of Trenton again, which was recorded in Sumter County.

They had the motive. They already knew they could park outside Melinda's apartment and not be detected. They could see into her apartment and know that she was busy watching movies. They could have followed her myspace and knew her plans. They could see her car parked near her apartment to verify she was there and then look in the back sliding doors. (Chris Pearce moved the car to the front parking lot).

They took Trenton and hid him and had the plan to have witnesses state that Josh was seen the whole day, even with a receipt at walmart. But where was Jason Fort? Where was Carla?

They never poly'd them, only Josh.

Why would Carla close her business her only means of income and have absolutely no income?

I called the business now operating in the former place of the flower shop owned by Carla. It is a Mexican grocery store called El Norteno opened in 2008.

Carla Massero owned a maroon red dodge caravan but she no longer has that vehicle and now has a Ford Explorer.This particular van appeared in a google earth shot in front of her new flower shop formerly known as Tompkins Flower Shop in Bushnell.

Carla's van has panel doors on both sides of the van. I suspect that she parked the van (made a u-turn in the drive next to Melinda's apartment) and waited with the motor running and the panel door open for Jason to hop the fence and cut the screen with one of her "floral knives" reach in and take Trenton (after peering between the window blinds (which were bent).

Trenton's bedroom window with window raised for access.

Blinds tampered with and blanket crumpled.

He grabbed Trenton and handed him to Carla waiting on the other side of the fence and then hopped into the back of the van, slamming the panel door. That is the sound that Melinda, Danny and Chris mentioned in their statements to police. They heard that sound during the "middle of the 2 hour movie which would put it at 8:00 PM".

They drove Trenton to the flower shop - which they never reopened. They would have arrived at the flower shop at approximately 8:38 PM or sooner if they were driving fast. Then Carla would have left Trenton with Jason at the shop or someone else was there if in fact Jason was seen at the house by police that night. Then Carla would have arrived at her house 15 minutes later (only nine miles from shop) which would have brought her home before 9.

Melinda did not discover Trenton missing until 9:10 PM. So Carla and Josh had time to put their jammies on by the time police arrived at their house in Webster.

Then we have the report that14 year old Kristiey Cabbage saw Trenton with Josh at the swimming hole in Croomacoochee park which was within walking distance from Carla's house the next day in the late afternoon.

Maybe Josh wanted to spend time with Trenton before they moved him to another location, most likely with family or friends, maybe even in another state? Whoever had/has him probably thinks they were doing a noble thing keeping Trenton away from his mother Melinda, because they were told she was a danger to him and Josh. Then when too much time passed, they didn’t want to implicate themselves in a kidnapping, or rat on a family member they were trying to protect.

The police chose NOT to believe Melinda Duckett, nor the Wendy's witness, nor Kristen Cabbage. Melnda believed that it was Jason Fort (under the guidance of Carla Massero) and since Melinda believed  Josh Duckett was spineless, it had to have been Jason Fort who took her son Trenton Duckett.

Instead, the investigators decided for whatever reason to believe only Josh Duckett.

I believe Melinda Duckett.  Who do you believe?


Anonymous said...

Wish the police put forth half the effort you did and this would be a story of Trenton's rescue

Maytruthprevail said...

The police put forth effort but they were misled by the very people who committed the crime. They were duped.

One of my favorite movies comes to mind...Trading Places. Two men's lives were completely changed and controlled by a bet between two men. The bet was $1.00.

Incredulous, right? This case is the same thing. It is/was about control and money. Carla wanted control and Carla did NOT want to pay money TO Melinda Duckett. Josh didn't pay anything, his mother did. She bought him bikes, trucks, etc. And now she had to pay $403 per month AND alimony to "the bitch".

One item I ommitted in this article is the fact that James Duckett cancelled his Sunday August 27 visit with Melinda. He made up some story that he got his days confused and thought his brother was coming to see him when in fact his brother AND Josh Duckett came to see him August 12. Josh was furious with James "for taking Melinda's side and sending her money for Trenton". I can imagine some threats were made as Josh is a hothead. If Melinda had gone to see James Duckett, Trenton would most likely NOT have been at the apartment THAT night and their plans to move fast on this would have been thwarted. Melinda had a two hour trial scheduled for September 12, 2006. Her paternity settlement agreement was included in her divorce which would have become final at that trial.

And Carla would have been saddled with the $403 monthly child support payment for 16 years.

Then JOsh got another girl pregnant, that child was born, and the mother won custody and child support. Then the harrassment followed and Josh sued for joint custody so he did NOT have to pay child support.

Now Josh is getting married to long time girlfriend Debi on March 3, 2012. I guess he found someone else who can support him.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing about this case. I know Josh personaly and he loves Trenton has never gave up hope on looking for him, and neither will I. Debi does not support him either. They both work and he is a great father. This is a tragedy that happened to this family, and everyone wants to point fingers but cant back them up with evedince.

Maytruthprevail said...

To the personal friend of Josh:

Do you realize that for 6 years everyone has been pointing their finger at Melinda WITH NO EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP? From the time Melinda was pregnant with Trenton until he was 2 years old, Carla Massero was pointing fingers at Melinda and tried to take Trenton away from her. Josh accused Melinda of doing things to Trenton where there was NO EVIDENCE of any wrong doing. The evidence of Melinda's falsely being accused is in the DCF reports published on this website. Did you read the affidavit recorded with the county court that Josh Duckett lied and was "influenced by his mother to accuse Melinda of harming Trenton"?

Josh appeared on the Nancy Grace show and was appalled that Melinda Duckett appeared in porn videos? Josh Duckett was also in the same video. I posted pictures under my article "The Naked Truth About the Porn". I have the actual video which is posted on the internet.
Josh stated on television numerous times that Melinda and he were fighting for custody when Trenton went missing. Melinda had sole custody, and Josh visitation. The evidence is posted on this website.

And if Josh is so diligently looking for Trenton Duckett AND NOT MONEY what actually has he done? How did getting a girl pregnant and then trying to get 50% custody so he didn't have to pay child support, how did that help find Trenton?

The only thing that the Ducketts have done is paint a picture of Melinda as a Crazy unfit mother who hid or killed Trenton to keep him away from Josh and create sympathy for themselves so that people would NOT SUSPECT THEM OF ANY WRONG DOING.



Anonymous said...

what about the fake email she sent to make it seem like josh was harassing her? The fact that she killed herself? Doesn't that point to a personality of deceit and mental instability? I understand you may feel loyalty to this woman but it fanatical. The child is missing and logic points to the mother who in her delusion/suicide continues to lie to herself and other as if the child were alive in order to save face with her parents/grandparents. Sad.

Maytruthprevail said...

What evidence have you found that Melinda sent the email to herself?
There is NO evidence only an assumption on the part of a law enforcement agent Denise Nevers. NOTHING was found on her harddrive by FBI.

What evidence that Melinda killed herself? She was found dead by a gunshot wound to her head. There were NO fingerprints on the shotgun. The magazine was jammed in backwards and could NOT be fired. The birdshot had to be manually inserted into the gun. How did she do that twice? There were TWO shots fired. Did she bring two bullets out of the dresser drawer thinking maybe she would miss and needed a second bullet? What mental issues did Melinda suffer from? I only know of two mental problems: Carla Massero and Josh Duckett. They were her mental problems. Don't confuse accusations with facts. I am not fanatical, simply determined to unravel all the lies and find the truth.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is all so crazy. Where is Carla Massero now? or Jason?

Anonymous said...

Where is Carla or Jason now? Does anybody know

Maytruthprevail said...

Carla and Jason live at the home they always lived in. The police know exactly where they are. The police don't even follow tips of any Trenton sighting because they think Melinda killed Trenton and they are not willing to be real investigators. They would rather just stick with their assumptions, and anyone who thinks otherwise, even though these are intelligent persons, they believe them to be the crazy ones. The feeling is mutual.

Maytruthprevail said...

When this was written last year, I did not have the current public records. To be precise Carla Massero was served with the divorce papers at 4:55 PM July 3, 2006 and then just a few hours later the threatening email from Josh's myspace account was sent to Melinda at 8:15 PM. Melinda also had a paternity settlement agreement filed with the court which Josh Duckett signed July 6, 2005 - one year before which is posted in its entirety on this blog. Also posted on this blog is the 42 page divorce papers. There are court dates set up BEFORE Trenton went missing which would have finalized everything in Melinda Duckett's favor. So WHY would Melinda be the one with the motive. She had the court on her side.

John Fiveash said...

I agree with you Liz.I believe this was a dry run.How can the cops overlook that?You could see the same M.O.!It doesn't matter if the screen was cut or not!He was handed those pics through his window!The same one he was taken from!Never knew the road was there.Wish this comment moderation was off.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just spent a long time reading everything here. Even the comments. Good work with the site I hour the truth is seen. The only question I have is if he did kidnap his son, where is he? Maybe you answered this before, but I'm snit to go to sleep as it's almost 2am. Good work, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Where is Trenton? So many questions and it's heartbreaking and haunting to think that we may never know all the answers. So sad.