Wednesday, April 18, 2012

James Aren Duckett

James Aren Duckett has sat on death row in Florida for 24 years. James is Trenton Duckett's paternal grandfather. Melinda believed that James Duckett was innocent. She had the book The Truth Shall Set Him Free by Jeanne Bragg and wanted to help prove his innocence.

The day that Trenton Duckett went missing, Sunday August 27, 2006, Melinda was scheduled to visit James in prison in Starke Florida. This trip would have been over 2 hours one way. She did not take that trip because James had written to her stating that his family was scheduled to come and she would not be allowed to visit.  However, on Tuesday August 22, 2006 this is what James wrote to Melinda:

"I bet you are still Laughing at me over the screw up last wk. How I lost a whole wk I will never know. I was so Positive last Sunday was the 27th & worried you would drive up & not be allowed in due to Uncle Ronnie having been here on Saturday. Oh it’s Hell to be old (HaHa) I do hope To see you Sunday! Love seeing you & talking to you.Well let me go. Take Care. Love you both.

Well Saturday was August 12th when Ronnie came with Josh Duckett. And Saturday night was when Melinda was frantically calling her friends to get $5,000 cash because she was having issues with Josh and needed to protect Trenton and herself.

Melinda did not receive James' letter until Friday the 24th. She already rescheduled her visit with James for Sunday September 3rd, the week after Trenton went missing.

Planning to hide Trenton from Josh as the Duckett  camp states is her reason for "staging the abduction", how could she have pulled this off in so little time...Saturday night? Why would she plan to see James the following Sunday? It makes absolutely no sense.

James wrote to me stating that he felt guilty about the "mix-up" and maybe if she had come to see him Trenton would still be here. That in itself sounds to me that James does not think Melinda hid Trenton, but that he was in fact abducted.

The so called conspiracy theory, where the police pick a suspect and build their case around suspicions rather than facts, is not unusual. The two perfect examples are the Melinda Duckett case and the James Duckett case. They both have a common denominator...retaliation by Carla Massero.


Anonymous said...

NOW the visit cancellation info makes sense. This was always a missing piece in my mind (I didn't understand how he confused the two weeks meaning the family visit was on the weekend of the 22nd).

Would really like to know the timeline for Carla and James. I know that Josh was born around 1985, so there's a couple years in there before Jame's conviction..

Anonymous said...

OOps, I mean August 12th. I just never got the fact that he had screwed up the dates and THEN she rescheduled her visit for Sept before seeing his letter.

Maytruthprevail said...

I am going to concentrate on the James Duckett case and will publish the information I have, including the letters I wrote to James and his letters to me. I have a comment that was sent to me in August 2010 that I did not's from the daughter of the key witness in James' case. She and I exchanged emails and I forwarded her info to James' attorney Beth Wells. (Not to be confused with the Bushnell police chief Joyce Wells). I have a lot to say on this case.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Looks like they were still together when Teresa was murdered:

(The first part and the part about the bag are from another girl, Jennifer who was murdered:)

"When the girl's body was found, her green shopping bag and stuffed toy were missing. Polk County investigators said that after Duckett's arrest in Teresa's murder, they went to see his wife, Carla. She told them about a stuffed animal that her husband brought home at the time of Jennifer's disappearance. It was in a lime green shopping bag. She said she had been angry because he brought only one and they had two children, Frank said. Polk County police said a relative ``got rid of the toy.''

dariusz raven said...

he should be dead already girl did have a life at all , first on his car are prints of the girl ! he said the girl never touch my car ! his car tires are in printed close to the water when the girl was thrown he said I was not there , third other girl see the young girl in the car he said she was never in my car . Four he put the note about girl in wrong order in notebook , and he did not metion it at all !! though it could be his alibi, five another girl was murdered close to his stand when he worked he brought home toy bear one only , he had two children then . What do you want more ?????????????????????????