Friday, October 1, 2010

The Suicide Notes

These are the suicide notes found on the center console of Melinda Duckett's Eclipse. They are not dated and they are not signed.

The suicide notes are at the top left of this picture. And Melinda's 20 gauge shotgun is on the lower right. Her shotgun was loaded and when tested by LEthey found it had NEVER been fired.


princess_azure said...

Melinda may have thought about killing herself in her car but not because the gun was too long , but because of Trenton. She'd figured that Trenton was alive and she didn't want to leave her son motherless.

Remember , Melinda said in her interview with Rich Giles that she didn't like broken families. I didn't know Melinda personally , but from what I've read I can that Trenton was her pride and joy. In Melinda's view , suicide would have meant abandoning Trenton and she wouldn't have done that.

The only way she would have left Trenton was if someone killed her. I hope when Trenton grows up that he knows this. That his mother loved him and wanted him.

Who knows what kind of lies they've filled Trenton head with....

Anonymous said...

I am new to this blog...does anyone else notice the differences in her handwriting between these "suicide" notes and the letters she wrote to the friend in jail?

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous above and just read further into the blog. I started at the beginning so it has taken me a while to get through. I now realize the handwriting in the suicide notes match the handwriting of Carla from the envelope addressed to Liz Lennon. You have probably already figured that out, I am just catching up.