Friday, October 29, 2010

The Apartment

FDLE took pictures of the apartment the night Trenton went missing and the next day. Here is the diagram of the apartment.


princess_azure said...

It would have been very easy for a tall person to lean into that window and pull Trenton from his bed. Every time Melinda said she thought Jason took Trenton , the police ignored her. Josh is too much of coward to have taken Trenton himself.

hereforthem said...

If you look at these pictures from another aspect rather than a crime scene you can tell she was a loving mother.The place is super clean and neat.Trenton had toys to play with.Melinda obviously made sure he was in need of nothing.I remember going to her apt. and it was just that clean when I was there.No mother that is like that would do anything to her son to harm him.The pics show a caring mother.