Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Inquisition of Melinda Duckett

This is part of the public records I received from FDLE. It is the last 14 minutes of over two hours of questioning by Leesburg detective Rich Giles and FDLE agent Denise Nevers. It took place at the Leesburg Police Department sometime between 4 and 6 AM early Monday morning. Trenton had just been abducted and Melinda had been crying for hours. After reviewing the whole video - over two hours - I wanted to share this with you. It was NOT an investigation. It was NOT an interrogation.

          It was an Inquisition.


princess_azure said...

They knew that if they kept Melinda at the police station , she wouldn't be able to search for Trenton. Now I'm convinced Giles knows where Trenton is. Also , Melinda had been awake all night. Were they hoping she would falsely confess?

Sleep deprivation is a torture method IIRC.

HisLove said...

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HisLove said...

I wept when I looked at this video because I could "feel" the crime that was committed against Melinda by Giles and Nevers. Maytruthpre-
vail, there are not words in the English language that are adequate enough to express what is my deep appreciation, and gratitude, for all your labors SO THAT, ultimate-
ly, truth WILL prevail! Upon view-ing this video, I "felt" what I feel when I, each night, "look upon" Nancy Grace spewing her hatred..and lack of compassion..
for anyone whom SHE deems to be guilty of a crime...What I mean by this is that, in the same way that "looking upon" Nancy Grace's hateful posture toward her self-appointed "villains" enables me to "feel" the crime SHE committed against Melinda, I was able to
"feel" the crime the Leesburg Police Dept committed against Melinda via being able to "look upon" it.. And, upon viewing this video, I could understand why THIS aspect..of the total crime that was committed against Melinda..has impassioned YOU as much as the aspect of the crime that was committed against Melinda by Nancy Grace has impassioned ME..Watching this video also made me better understand WHY Nancy Grace's vindictive, accusatory, posture toward Melinda...on the heels of this "inquisition"...pushed this poor soul "over the edge!" All this week, TV programs have been making a cry to the public to help stop kids' bullying other kids because it has caused so many of them to commit suicide...only a few weeks ago, five kids committed suicide in one week. These programs
are making a cry for people to
"take a stand against bullying" and, so, I am asking HOW MANY PEOPLE...who have witnessed how, in the name of "justice", Nancy Grace promotes the very hatred and lack of compassion that not only authors violent crimes, but also authors BULLYING...ARE WILLING TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST NANCY'S BULLYING...via joining forces to get her off the air..BECAUSE the reality is that NANCY GRACE BUL-LIED MELINDA TO DEATH! Maytruth-prevail has spent hours and hours and hours...and years...of her her endeavor to promote GOD'S brand of justice, and right-eousness,and love in her untiring endeavor to not have Melinda's tragic death be in vain. So, my next question is, HOW MANY PEOPLE..
who have been following this blog
and are now, as a result OF May-truthprevail's years of dedication,
convinced of the crime that was committed against Melinda by the Leesburg Police Dept...and Josh and Carla...NOW WILLING TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS CRIME?...and AGAINST EVERYTHING that makes a mockery OF GOD'S brand of justice, righteousness, and love? As is evidenced by this video, the Leesburg Police Department joins Nancy Grace in making a mockery of our judicial system that was founded on the premise that one was INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!