Friday, November 20, 2009

The Yellow Post It Note


Maytruthprevail said...

"Laying down for a quick nap. I'll eat when I get up".

The grandparents were gone only a little more than an hour. So upon them leaving did Melinda immediately write that note? Or did she watch them leave then decide to lie down as she was exhausted from being up all night through the morning until the Eubanks left for lunch. Why would she write the note if it wasn't her intention to lie down?

If she had written the notes that were determined to be suicide notes - even though they were not dated nor signed, why are they NOT included in the first report of what was taken from the car. The laptop was noted with its location, but according to police she left the suicide notes on her dashboard. So why isn't it mentioned? The yellow post it note was mentioned?

If Melinda was planning to take her own life and waiting for the Eubanks to leave for lunch, she could have taken off in her car with her own shotgun. Why use a 50 year old gun that hadn't been shot in over 20 years. And the birdshot was just as old!

The puzzle pieces don't fit.

She waited for them to leave. She wrote the note. She put the suicide notes in the car (why not on the kitchen counter top, why in her car?) Then she went to the grandparents bedroom. Opened their closet. Found the gun. Put the gun case on top of her grandparents bed. Walked around to the other side near the door and opened the night stand drawer. Took out the box of birdshot. Opened the box. Slip the clip of 4 shells into the gun. Put it in backwards. Went to the kitchen and found a tool, a fork. Went back to the bedroom. Unjammed the clip from the gun. Put the clip in right. Threw or dropped the fork on the floor. Walked into her closet in her bedroom. Shot a practice shot into the ceiling at a very odd angle, why not at the back of the closet, why in the doorway? Then cocked the gun again, laid down and positioned the gun awkwardly on her left side when she is right handed and placed the barrel of the gun under her chin, then somehow pulled the trigger. All while the grandparents had lunch. So when they came home they would find her.

This piece of the puzzle doesn't fit.

Melinda writing the note to take a nap fits.

Melinda seeing someone coming to attack her, and racing to find the only gun in the house to protect herself, and waiting in the closet with the gun in hand?

That fits.

Standing in the doorway and her attacker in front of her grabbing the barrel of the gun and knocking it upwards, fits the ackward aim of the gun into the ceiling.

Knocking her down onto the closet floor and aiming the gun from their right hand at the angle under her left side of her chin?

That fits.

The Yellow Post It Note?

That changed everything.

Anonymous said...

How about this.

The yellow post it note was not written by Melinda, but by her attacker. In order to buy himself/herself a few extra minutes to get futher away from the scene. It was written to keep the Eubank's out of the room a little bit longer as he/she knew they would not disturb her sooner.

That fit's.

Maytruthprevail said...

Bill and Nancy, do not believe Melinda was murdered. And they believe Melinda left the note to deter them from finding her, to give her time to die.

However, I disagree. I always ask them this question, "Then why did she leave the empty gun case open on their bed?" She could have taken the gun case with her in the closet.

Also, if she didn't want them to find her, why did she leave her bedroom door open rather than close the door?

And finally, why did she leave the closet door open?

I wonder if LE ever checked the doorknob of the closet for fingerprints?

I think she hid in the closet, with the door closed, and the attacker opened the door and she had the gun aimed, not at herself, but to defend herself.

That's when the attacker grabbed the barrel and pushed it upwards and away from himself. And the gun went off into the ceiling, over Melinda's right shoulder.

The gun had to have gone off in the doorway of the closet. Why would she ever do a practice shot at that close range with little moveability. If she took a practice shot, it would be down at the floor, or toward the back of the closet aiming from the doorway.

I have found throughout researching this case that everything Melinda said/did was honest. I believe her yellow sticky note was honest. She was being considerate. Her intention was to lie down and take a nap. If she was taking a nap, the bedroom door would have been closed.

Something happened.

princess_azure said...

In one of the few instances that Mr. Eubank spoke to the press (I believe it was WESH) he stated that there was no doubt in his mind that "Josh put the bullet in that gun."

I think that Mr. & Mrs. Eubank need to be made of aware these findings.

Maytruthprevail said...

What Bill Eubank said (meant), in his reasoning, was that Josh might as well have shot her himself, because he put her through so much grief with his lies.

My theory is that the person who shot Melinda was a professional.

The other intersting fact was that there were pieces of human tissue on the floor in the bedroom. With the gun aimed toward the back of the closet one wouldn't expect it to go forward past the closet doorway into the bedroom. But...the shooter would have had blood and tissue on his person, then maybe it came off as he was leaving the closet.

But again, that's my theory.

Anonymous said...

I too, have long felt that Melinda was murdered. Please revisit the crime scene pictures you posted. The blood spatter is all wrong for a suicide. There has been some speculation that she was first shot with a small calibur gun (a .22?) and the shot gun blast was designed to destroy that evidence. That could certainly explain the lack of blood.

The neighbor's home was also empty and had been opened to investigators. Recall, my LEO friend said this involved two dirty cops.

Just sayin...

P.S. Great job on the blog. It's about time the truth is told!

Anonymous said...

The piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit is that no one entered the grandparents home while they were out. If you purchased all the investigative documents as you claim you have
then you would know this. Melinda was under surveillance since she was the prime suspect in Trenton's disappearance. No one entered that trailer after the grandparents left for lunch.
So either Melinda got her grandfathers shotgun out and blew her head off with it while they were at the Cracker Barrel OR her grandfather shot her with his shotgun prior to going out to lunch. Maybe Melinda sat on his lap as requested and told him the truth about what happened to Trenton. Grandfather went into his bedroom to load his ancient shotgun as Melinda ran and hid in the closet. Then her grandfather calmly went out to lunch with his wife at the Cracker Barrel as they always did. The sticky note could have been on the counter from a day or two prior to the Murder. Isn't her grandfather ex-law enforcement? He would know to go about his business as normal in order to deflect suspicion from himself. The note still being there was an additional benefit. Why is it that Melinda's grandmother couldn't take the polygraph? She was too traumatized by what she witnessed and didn't want to tell the truth because she wouldn't know what to do without him since they have been together for so many years. That is why Trenton's missing poster is framed and hanging in that bedroom. It is a trophy for Bill Eubank to forever remind him that he did the right thing. There is your murderer & corrupt cop.

Maytruthprevail said...

Anon - you should use your other numerous nyms,btw-

Nice try, but you are dead wrong. The house entry does not have a dead bolt on the kitchen door. Also, Melinda could have opened the door after the GPs left to check on her car. The remote control car lock was on the floor of the bedroom.

You had three years to paint your picture of Melinda to the press, to the police as part of your setup. You failed to mention that the FBI gave Bill a polygraph. Nancy's medication would alter her polygraph but she was willing to take one. However your friend Carla didn't want to take one and told Art King of MCSO that she would only take one if it was administered by your bed buddy Rich Giles - I guess all the sweet nothings you whispered in his ear included how sick Melinda was. Oh and yes she wanted to be sure that the SAME questions were asked so she would PASS just like Josh did. Maybe Josh was on his what do you call it? Special K? Or some other drug of choice that he likes to use. That way no stress is detected when the test was administered. Unlike Melinda who never took drugs and was completely stressed.

And you slipped because only YOU say that Bill Eubank was a former cop. Buzzzzzz, completely wrong never was a cop.

The sticky note would NOT have been left there for a day or two. If you think Melinda was a good housekeeper, Nancy and Bill are even moreso.

And where are all the pictures in Carla's house of Trenton? Why wouldn't the poster be framed in the gp's house?

Nice talking to you Laurie. Are you still the lone signatory on the Trenton Duckett Family Trust Fund? Or isn't there any money left?

You know what else is interesting? I did a search on Melinda's computer IP address and it shows up at your place of work. How unusual is that!

Anonymous said...

Hi,id started to read this whole blog so I'm a lil late..sry,I believe somewhere it states in the blog that the "suicide notes" weren't discovered to a couple weeks later after car was n possession of police?I'm a lil confused aren't these the first police reports from the day she died of what was all collected? the post reports from the day of "suicide"? F so it states that melinda had 3 note in possession . Do u think them were the "suicide" notes?...BTW I totally think she was murdered n "they" had everything to do with Trentons disappearance this just peaked my interests. Thanx for all the good information hope to hear from u n please correct me f I'm wrong

Maytruthprevail said...

Just to try to answer you question. I believe Melinda wrote those notes with the intention of committing suicide. She put them neatly in her car in an obvious place to be found. She also had her own shotgun unlocked on the back floorboard of her car and loaded with one shell. Her purse was in the car, along with her computer and the money she had withdrawn from the bank under the ashtray. She had told Nanny that she had gone during the week for a ride and came upon a peaceful spot off the side of 441 - a pet cemetery north of Boardman Florida toward Gainesville. She took pictures of it and showed them to Nanny. But she didn't go in her car and drive there. Why?
Why would she leave the note on the counter instead of the suicide notes? Why would she use the 50 year old gun in the house instead of her own gun in the car. Why wouldn't she just drive away to commit suicide? Why not leave a note that she drove to the cemetery instead of "laying down for a quick nap"?
The notes were in the car, on the police report THAT day. Why didn't the police announce the notes? Give the note to the grandparents? Why wait weeks?
Cause they weren't signed? They weren't dated?

Anonymous said...

Thanx for clearing that up I was thinkin someone else wrote them,until I seen the notes were n possession on that fateful day jus threw me off .