Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mark Fuhrman - The Murder Business- Chapter Three

Mark Fuhrman's new book "The Murder Business" has an entire chapter about Melinda Duckett. Unfortunately, he got his information from the police department, the media and Josh Duckett. Of course, he believes Melinda Duckett was unbalanced, immature, and set up her alibi by having two people in her apartment with her when Trenton went missing. He stated that Melinda Duckett killed herself and that she was the ONLY one who knew what happened to Trenton, who most likely is dead.

According to his book, he was swayed by the fact that there was a sonogram and pictures in the trash, as most media and the public were duped into believing that Melinda put those items there. Again, here is a picture, which is featured in his book and which I have also posted here within the article "Damning Evidence or Set Up?.

I am very concerned that this misinformation is going to be spread again with the publishing of this book. While the sonogram is not a sonogram but a picture of the monitor showing the ultrasound and a hand pointing to the image, and the picture also included in the collage is in Melinda's Baby Book, and the newspaper clipping is among her momentoes, I have this question.

Why did Josh Duckett have his lawyer request the newspaper clipping, if he so believed that Melinda placed it in the trash?

Where is Josh Duckett's newspaper clipping? Where is his picture of Trenton? Where is his picture that he or one of his cohorts in all this took of the monitor?


Glenn's Cult? said...

This letter is nothing more than an attempt by Josh to remove the child even more from Melinda and her family. I hope that the grandparents made HIM copies and kept everything. Of what use could he have for a few toys and clothes? Haven't the police taken everything they need?

Maytruthprevail said...

The Eubanks gave him zilch. Josh also wanted his social security card, why to claim him on his income tax? And the birth certificate, why so he could enroll him in school?
Mentioning the newspaper clipping (sort of like an aside), that was a huge red flag to me.

Bill Eubank did meet with Josh and the attorney in the attorney's office in March 2008. His letter to Josh posted in one of the articles on this blog was handed to Josh in front of the attorney.

After Josh got that letter, he bragged to everyone that Bill wrote him an apology. He's such a liar.

Maytruthprevail said...

I have been retained to represent Josh Duckett...

In orther words someone else retained him for Josh. Otherwise the letter would have stated I have been retained BY Josh Duckett...

I guess that was what Laurie Konnerth was referring to when she stated that there was some "arrangements" made with CNN.

Why does CNN owe Josh anything?

Anonymous said... dare, let's say, Fox Mulder or X, demand that baby book! I can't imagine litte N being without that baby keepsake book that M so lovingly and artfully created! In my mind's eye I can just see N sitting in her home in a dim light holding the book to her heart and talking to God. What, is X trying to do, shred their heart's, leaving them with nothing but accusation's against M, blood and gut's embedded under the paint, embedded in their mind's? My Opinion only.

Or, one crazy theory, is there something in that book that could be very valuable and X went as far as retaining an attorney to get it???

I wonder if X really has ALL of the ORIGINAL sonograms pictures that came from the actual sonogram machine?
I wonder if the sonogram pictures in the trash were copies or actual printout ORIGINALS from the sonogram machine?
Melinda placed her original's from the sonogram machine in the baby book.
Say, someone could have computer photocopies of something, and for whatever reason, want/NEED the ORIGINALS that are on a different kind of paper, to replace the copies.

Just a thought, and another theory, not even an opinion, because I do not even know what to think.

take care mtp,

Anonymous said...

And yes, I realize that the letter states "I have been retained to represent..."

Maytruthprevail said...

The sonogram in the trash is a photograph not a sonogram. Someone took their camera into the room with Melinda and took a photo of the monitor screen while the nurse pointed to the monitor explaining what they were seeing.

Since Melnda and Josh both got copies of the actual sonogram taken (Melinda's is in the first page of her baby book - you can view it in the Baby Book article here - I tend to believe it was someone who accompanied them to the hospital - most likely Carla or Laurie Konnerth - who had their camera with them for the event. Laurie has stated that she has a Duckett Box (I have a Duckett Bucket) and she kept it for 4 years just in case she had to come up with something for Melinda's antics. My guess is she came up with it and placed it or had someone else place it in the trash.

Anonymous said...

From what I have read, the items that were found in the trash all had fingerprinting dusting residue on them and almost impossible to remove.

The baby keepsake book that Melinda put together herself belonged to her. Josh could have easily gotten a copy of the social security card and his birth certificate for his OWN record.

Anonymous said...

What a punk!!! I never knew this. Those sweet people never did anything to him! He actually had an attorney send them a letter requesting the few things they had left of Trenton and Melinda! SICK!