Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Prime Suspect

This is the handwritten note given to Melinda by her attorney during Melinda's visit with Leesburg police. This was well before her death. The date noted on top - Sept 13- was the date of the next court hearing regarding the threatening email.

In case it is difficult for readers to decipher Ms. Schulte's handwriting, here is the typed version:

They are accusing you of
placing Trenton w/your grandparents or Skip
& protecting him from Josh or Carla so you would
hide Trenton.

He’s trying to get you upset
and make you say something not
true or to turn situation around on you.

I believe they consider you to be the prime suspect.

You show no emotion, too
concerned about conditions of
apt, etc.

When was Melinda Duckett declared the prime suspect? According to the WESH News and Nancy Grace Show, it was announced by Leesburg police on September 21, 2006. What EVIDENCE came about to make them absolutely sure that the only person who could have been responsible for Trenton Duckett's disappearance was Melinda Duckett?

Here are some excerpts from the media:

From Wesh News Sept 21, 2006.

Nearly one month after she reported her 2-year-old son missing, the Leesburg Police Department on Thursday officially named Melinda Duckett the prime suspect in Trenton Duckett's disappearance

"We've got the issues of failing to build the timeline with our investigators, failing to build the timeline with FDLE agents, with the FBI," said Capt. Steve Rockefeller of the Leesburg Police Department. "No polygraph examination, failure to comply with the investigators' requests to provide us with a timeline, and it's just an on and on process. We consistently tried to get that timeline. We were never able to get it, right up through the 8th, the day of the suicide."

Rockefeller said her suicide raised even more red flags.

"When you reach the point of her suicide, that is just, to non-psychologists, that's an unnatural act for a grieving mother," Rockefeller said.

And from Nancy Grace transcripts on September 21, 2006

"GRACE: Good evening, everyone. I`m Nancy Grace. Thank you for being with us tonight. Straight out to Florida and the latest, the breaking news out of the Leesburg, Florida, Melinda Duckett named the prime suspect in either the death or disappearance of her 2-year-old son, Trenton. Out to Jean Casarez of Court TV. What`s the latest?

JEAN CASAREZ, COURT TV: Well, the latest is investigators are saying that a letter that Melinda Duckett said her ex-husband wrote her, threatening harm to she and Trenton, was actually written by Melinda herself and e-mailed to herself. Melinda took that letter back to authorities back in July of this year, said she wanted to prosecute her ex- husband for threatening that harm. The result was the temporary restraining order saying he could have no contact with his baby. Days later, the child went missing, and following that, as we all know, she committed suicide."

And from Josh Duckett as reported by Steve Hudak of the Orlando Sentinel:

Josh Duckett, Trenton's father and Melinda's estranged husband, said Thursday he still thinks his son is alive "In my views, I feel that she stashed him somewhere. Somebody out there has him because just to me, I don't think she would have harmed him. I mean, it's always a possibility, don't get me wrong, but I feel that she would have stashed him somewhere and has somebody holding him. That's what I felt all along," Duckett said.

Leesburg police Capt. Steve Rockefeller confirmed Wednesday that the trash included toys and photographs of Trenton, including his sonogram, an image of a child in the mother's womb.Police refused to characterize the findings as "smoking-gun" evidence against Duckett, 21, who committed suicide Sept. 8 at her grandparents' home in The Villages.
But Joshua Duckett, Melinda's estranged husband and the boy's father, said Wednesday he was stunned to learn that she had thrown out the toddler's keepsake pictures.
"It strikes me as very odd. I mean, I've still got all of my photos of him and all of my sonogram pictures from when she was pregnant," he said. "I've had my suspicions from the start. [But] they're just suspicions."

Suspicions or allegations?


Maytruthprevail said...

Before I published this article, I phoned the law offices of Kimberly Schulte. I had her email in the beginning of this case, and we exhanged messages, but that email is no longer in use. When I called a woman answered the phone. I asked to speak to Kimberly Schulte and she answered "This is she". I reminded her of who I was and asked her to read this blog, as I felt I proved the handwritten map by Melinda was accurate, and the timeline fit the cell phone pings.

Her answer to me was that she wouldn't read it, as she didn't want ANY MORE DEATH THREATS!

Her office is in Leesburg. WHY would Kimberly Schulte be getting DEATH threats! Because she DEFENDED MELINDA?

If they have so much EVIDENCE AGAINST Melinda, why would persons need to send DEATH THREATS?

In my own personal situation, I was told that Carla Massero had a robbery at her store in Leesburg, and that she made a report to the Leesburg Police that I robbed her store. She did not have any evidence and it was never persued.

She would NOT have any evidence because I was never at her store,
nor have I ever robbed ANYONE.
She also stated that she had a gun and would not be afraid to use it on me. She also came to my home and property with Jason Fort "to look for Trenton".

When Jeanne Bragg, the author of "The Truth Shall Set Him Fee", the book about James Duckett's innocence and how she believed he was set up, Jeanne was threatened and had to put up a very high fence around her home. She also owned a "thrift store" and someone shot at what they believed to be her through the window. It was someone else, and she had her chin shot off.

What is going on here?

princess_azure said...

After reading that I'm concerned for your safety. Please be careful MTP :-(

princess_azure said...

I was doing some research about James Duckett's trial (the article was on crimson shadows) and supposedly before he was sent to prison James cheated on Carla. Just who provided the police department with the info in the Teresa McAbee case?

My point is that maybe Carla provided false information to the authorities as a way to get even with James for his infidelity. If this is the case , then Carla is responsible for sending an innocent man to death row.

Did Ms. Bragg say who she received the death threats from and who was responsible for the shooting? If my theory is correct then this means that Carla has a history of using the legal system as a tool for her personal grudges.

If I'm right history is repeating itself with Melinda. Anyone who questions that Melinda is guilty is subjected to the same bodily threats. Jeanne Bragg believed in James Duckett's innocence and look at what happened to her. There are so many questions here.

If it turns out that my theory is right then Carla should do jail time , along with Josh.