Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Ultimate Set Up? - Melinda Duckett's Suicide

Here are two pictures showing the actual crime s cene photos of the closet obtained from the public records of  the Lady Lake Police which I have lovingly doctored for the family's sake.

September 8 marks 6 years that Melinda Duckett was found in her bedroom closet by her grandmother. Everyone believed that Melinda killed herself...everyone, except those that knew the truth.

Here is a post made  by Duckett family friend Laurie Konnerth, the one who set up the Trenton Duckett Family Trust Fund, with her being the lone signatory on the account at SunTrust Bank.

Laurie Konnerth

October 18 2006 10:02 AM

I really want everyone to know that at no time, did any of us involved and mostly Josh and especially Carla, ever hated Melinda. Honestly, it was obvious very soon after Josh and Melinda started dating that she was troubled. Josh loved and wanted to help her and Carla tried her best to befriend her, but it was not to be. The moment we knew that she killed herself, which was just about 5 min. after it happened, we cried. No one, ever wanted that to happen although we knew when NG pressured her that she would feel backed into a corner and when that happened...she was capable of almost anything. I hope she has some peace now because she was not at peace while alive. She was conflicted and was unable to reason out in her mind why she felt like she did. I am heading out soon to the command center opening. I hope I can meet some of you there. If you are comfortable, please let me know who you are, but I promise to respect your animinity.

Can you see through what Laurie Konnerth is alluding to?  Laurie is the one who set things up with Nancy Grace. Laurie used Nancy Grace to accomplish the idea that Melinda was so distraught about being in the public eye that she killed herself.  I believe Melinda had a little help that fateful day. I believe she grabbed her grandfather's gun to protect herself, not kill herself.

October 20, 2006 4:41 PM (Laurie Konnerth)

Also, I didn't mean to be rude the other night when I didn't answer this..... without looking back and reading, I know someone asked me about the porno thing. The answer to that is yes, I do know all about it. I actually provided that information (print out of site with photo) to the FDLE at the end of August. I swear....the investigator practically skipped into the PD he was so happy to get it. At that time they were finding out more and more about Melinda and were still amazed with her multi-faceted abilities!! Also, just about everything that you see on NG, is info that I have given her... so with that in mind, she hasn't had a chance to do anything on the porn yet, so I would like to wait until this evening to see if she is able to get it into the show tonight. Don't want to upstage her, she has been so good to us! Also, I have not given any of the porn stuff to the local media ---although I was tempted at times!!
From FDLE public records:

And of Course Lauri Konnerth failed to mention that Josh Duckett was ALSO in those porn pictures:

But then if she had mentioned that piece of information it would have ruined the picture she was painting of Melinda Duckett...the troubled crazy person who invaded Josh Duckett's life. The person who was fingered as the only suspect in the abduction of Trenton. This expose to the police (and even Nancy Grace) was all behind Melinda's back.  You can see this in the Myspace post Melinda wrote to her friend (not boyfriend) Chen.

On September 4, 2006  Melinda wrote to her friend Chai Chen (Where is my brown eye Girl?) on myspace:

Melinda seems hopeful here that things will work out even though the "media has made things worse".

Here is the post from Melinda on her myspace that she made to the media which I have taken from the public records sent to me from FDLE dated September 6, 2006:

There is a lot of "fight" in this message to the media.  How does one person go from taking on the world on one day and then to giving up completely two days later ? 

On September 5, 2006 Leesburg Police did a trash pull behind Melinda's apartment. They never  contacted her about what they "found". If they had,  Melinda would have been furious to find out that things she meticulously packed to retrieve at a later date, were "found" in the trash including a suitcase full of momentoes she took from her nightstand and carefully wrapped to protect them from breakage. Why would she wrap and pack everything to throw in a dumpster?

Do you recognize the items above that were displayed on Melinda's nightstand next to her bed? Doesn't it seem odd to you that these items were "found in the dumpster"?

There are so many questions about how Melinda died that remain unanswered.

There were TWO shots fired from the 50 year old shotgun that was taken out of Billy Eubank's bedroom closet. The magazine taken from the top night stand drawer next to Billy's bed was jammed in backwards and no shell could have been fired. There was a fork found on the floor next to the bed which could have been used to try to unjam the magazine from the shotgun.

 Not being able to unjam the gun, shells had to be taken from the box in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. So here's the questions:

  1. Why were only two shells taken?
  2. Why didn't Melinda take the whole box with her into the closet?
  3. Why would she take two shells - thinking that she would miss? Or need a practice shot?

And questions about the "suicide":

  1. Why was there NO gunshot residue on  Melinda's hands or feet?
  2. Why were there NO fingerprints on the shotgun?

Here's her grandfather's shotgun:

And then there's conflicting evidence concerning her handwritten notes:

  1. Why were they NOT dated?
  2. Why were they NOT signed?
  3. Why were they in the open on her center console of her car?

And questions about using the 50 year old shotgun:

  1. If Melinda was going to kill herself using a shotgun, why didn't she use the brand new shotgun that was loaded and found on the floorboard of her car?
  2. Why did she grab in a hurry the one in her grandfather's  closet, leave the case in view on top of the king size bed, when that gun had not been fired in over 20 years?
  3. If she walked out to her car to place the "suicide notes" on the center console and load her new shotgun and place that gun that was in her trunk onto the floorboard of her car, why not just take that gun into the house? (She could have in the dark during the night).
And my raise a flag question:


And my final question:  Who gained the most by having Melinda Duckett dead by suicide?

November 11 2006 8:12 PM (Laurie Konnerth)

When Josh first started all of this he hired a Mary Hatcher. Cost Carla $8,000 and did nothing. That is one of the reasons why... when Josh said he was going to go back to Melinda, that Carla slapped him. She had been trough so much and was broke. Kevin broke her, Josh broke her and she was struggling to keep the flower shop opened. I know this because I lent her a large sum of money to help. So, when there time to have an attorney represent him again, Josh just thought he could do it on his own. I would go with him, but I wasn't allowed to speak... only sit there and he was pretty stubborn ... being young and thinking he could handle it.. he didn't always listen to my advise. ....

So WHY did Carla close that flower shop?

November 11, 2006 10:14 PM (Laurie Konnerth)

Actually.. to tell the whole story, my daughter and I staked out the apartment where Trenton went missing from for several hours one night waiting for them to come home... I just wanted to see Josh & Trent so I knew they were okay, but they never showed. That's when I called Nancy. And yes, it has been hard for me, but not near as hard as it is for Carla! I feel so bad for her. But she is strong and is hanging in there, just like Josh.

And where did Laurie and her daughter Danae hide to spy on Melinda?  In the driveway next to the firewall like in the article "The Getaway"? http://duckettbucket.blogspot.com/2012/02/august-27-2006the-getaway.html

Laurie Konnerth

November 11, 2006 10:35 PM

All the way to the police station that night, I kept saying to Danae, "What has she done now?" Each and everyone of us that night told LE that we definiately thought it was Melinda. No doubts at all. We just could not let that information out to the media etc. for everyone's protection.

And it always bothers me as to what role Laurie Konnerth has played in all this. I don't know if it is true or not, but someone emailed me that Carla Massero told them that Lauie Konnerth was having an affair with the lead detective of Leesburg Police = Rich Giles. Laurie's husband divorced her. I wonder if that had anything to do with the divorce?  Whether or not that information is true, some other law enforcement agency needs to look at this case.



princess_azure said...

Carla thinks SHE'S a better mother than Melinda was? Ha! From what I've read that woman has no business caring for a goldfish much less a child. Just take a look at the excellent job she did raising Josh.

I'm sure James and Melinda had no idea what they were marrying into or where they'd end up.

lov3lyleslee said...


In a suicidal shooting, the weapon must be found at the scene. It may, however, be at some distance from the body because the recoil of the weapon on shooting can fling it away from the victim. If no weapon is found, homicide is the most likely verdict unless someone has been interfering with the scene of the crime and removed the gun. However, investigators must always be alert to the possibility of the staging of a homicide to look like a suicide by placing the gun by the side of the body. In short, deciding the manner of death in a shooting can be difficult, and it is important to consider all the evidence relating to the investigation.

Unknown said...

so laurie, josh and carla really hated melinda... but enough to kill her? josh is obv a prime suspect; with the divorce, wanting custody, not paying alimony, being a deadbeat; and all that. followed closely by carla; still, what has to realistically do with trenton's disappearance? who'd be "taking care" of him now? what was the real motive(s) then? in any case, they can't directly benefit from the trust's money. and why wasn't all this being further investigated? it's being a while now, and no-one (except you, of course:) really cares anymore... so they'll just get blatantly get away with murder?! when there's obv foul play! my advice would be then; since the "poolice looked the other way", to hire a pi&bh..:(

Maytruthprevail said...

Conspiracy theories where there is a plan and multiple people are given assignments to carry out the plot, really doesn't apply here...that would take a certain amount of brain power.

What has gone on here by my observation is simply the work of a vindictive person. Melinda did this, so "I'll show her who she's dealing with".

I don't think they thought ahead as what would happen to Trenton. They ran interference by hanging out at the police sstation to field for any tips that might come in. They threw up smoke and mirrors to the police about Melinda and how crazy she was and of course it had to be only Melinda who staged all this.

My thought is that they took Trenton to the flower shop and hid him there while the police searched their house the night he went missing. They have a large family. I believe Trenton is with an extended family member. There are others who are not so kind in their thoughts. They think Carla sold him and some close to the family have thought maybe she had him killed.

Even with a private investigator, Leesburg Police are a huge hindrance in this case. I wrote Governor Rick Scott about this case and James Duckett's case. Asked him to have new investigators take a look at both cases since the ARROGANCE of the police departments is more important than the truth.

Maytruthprevail said...

I had an interesting question from a reader who has read the entire blog:

If Melinda wanted to commit suicide, why didn't she go to her apartment? That way her grandparents would not have to find her nor clean up the mess.

They also felt that law enforcement did not want her entering "their world" as Melinda had shown an interest in joining the Leesburg Police Dept.

Why did she have her own gun loaded and ready to shoot in the back seat of her car? When did she load it? When did she unlock it? when did she move it from the hatchback trunk area to the floorboard of the back seat? Was she planning on visiting Josh to confront him? She was ready to go with her purse, computer and money and gun in the car and her notes in case her "plans" fell through. She just need some rest cause she hadn't slept all night. "Laying down for a quick nap, I'll eat when I wake up" Why would she even write that note to her grandparents if she wasn't going to lie down?

And how in hell can the two smudge prints on the opposite walls which Detective Grogin of Lady Lake Police stated was when she killed herself her arms flung out and made those marks on the walls before she fell to the floor of the closet...how in hell can those same hands come to rest so peacefully - one across her stomach and the other cradling the muzzle of the shotgun?

It can't. It didn't happen. Her hands were placed in that position. Just like her pant legs were lifted to put her feel in that position. That's why the cuffs of her jeans stood up. Just like the hair on the back of my neck stands up every time I think of this Big Lie, this set up of Melinda Duckett.

John Fiveash said...

Can't seem to get my mind wrapped around the diagram of the closet.The pics you have are better.Looks like in the diagram she is layed out on a shelf that collapsed.Anyway none of the reports makes sense as far as a suicide.When the reports say no finger prints,does that mean none at all or none of Melindas'?None at all means the gun was wiped down!

Anonymous said...

It says there was finger prints on the gun shown to be melindas. And the other prints didn't have enough to be a perfect match. From what I've read anyway. And if Carlas whole goal from get go was to have Trenton herself why not have Trenton be found after Melinda shot herself? Why is Jason Fort so suspect in this? Because he's tall? So because he's tall and can reach farther into the room and he knows the Duckett family then he did it? If your theory is Carla and Jason drove to apartment to steal Trenton then back to close flower shop then home. Did any cell towers ping them during that hour? If Melinda usually put Trenton to be around 8pm, and she put him to bed way early that night because he was so exhausted as she said. Wouldn't he have been hard and fast asleep by 8pm when Carla and Jason were supposedly there? And Melinda says he wasn't a light sleeper. So then Jason who's what near 7 ft tall then would've had to climb in the window to get Trenton out of the bed. He could not have slinkied himself to the bed from that window and picked up a 2 year old without waking him or dropping him. Sorry but ummm no! Nextly you're such a great friend to a melinda you're going exactly against her dying wish! She did not want the focus on her. She wanted it on her son and yet here your sole focus publicly is HER. WHAT ABOUT TRENTON?? Ya see I found this page by searching for an update on Trenton but instead found an update on your progress of posting more about Melinda and the demon Duckett family (that's how you portray them) you're also acting like Melinda had NOTHING wrong with her. She was perfect. I assure you if the relationship was as dysfunctional as it seems they all had part in it being dysfunctional. I don't know if Trenton is dead or alive. I pray he's alive and happy wherever he is. Oh as for the post it. I agree it doesn't make sense she would leave a note saying I'm taking a nap to buy more time to ensure she was dead then leave the gun case on the bed. For them to find. As for smudges on the wall yes it's possible. It was a small closet. The gun shot instantly killed her so her hand was frozen (not literally ice) to the gun but the force caused her arms to go out. Hit the wall then fall back in onto herself as she collapsed to the ground. Yes she could possibly have needed the practice shot because she needed to find out how hard the kick was to be prepared and place the barrel right so to not just blow her chin out. You make very plausible arguments on most of your theories but so do the ones against Melinda. You're obviously gearing this site towards her being innocent while others are doing it to say she's guilty. I wasnt there God was. I'm sorry your friend lost her life. I'm sorry Trenton hasn't been found and its hurting you so much. But making accusations against Carla, Jason and Josh don't help anyone. A good investigator keeps all the info to themselves until they have a solid case. You still only have theories of a heart broken friend. God Bless.

Maytruthprevail said...

I'll try to comment on anonymous 8/10/2014 lengthy post to address the issues. (1) Melinda's fingerprints were not found on the shotgun that killed her. There were no discernible prints found on that gun. The only print was her partial palm print found on her own shotgun in her car that was never fired. (2)Carla's whole goal was NOT to have Trenton ALL TO HERSELF. Carla's goal was to make sure that MELINDA did NOT have Trenton. The reason? If Melinda had Trenton then Melinda would always have JOSH in her life. (3) Jason is a suspect because Melinda NAMED him as a suspect on her police report. Jason will do ANYTHING for Carla. (4) Jason not only knows the Duckett family he is Carla's live in boyfriend/lover since January 2006. (5) The window on Trenton's bedroom would require a tall person whose waist would be at windowsill level. There was NOT a SMALL hole in the screen. His reach would be 48 inches which could reach the floor of the bedroom, so it could very easily reach Trenton in his bed. Jason would not have to climb into the room at all. Trenton knew Jason so if he woke up when Jason lifted him up he wouldn't have cried out. (6) Cell phone pings for Carla and Jason? NOBODY EVER CHECKED!!!! NOBODY EVER INTERVIEWED JASON FORT!!!!
(7)And my focus on Melinda Duckett is because SHE is innocent and Trenton will never be found if Carla and Jason and their property are not investigated. (8) Melinda's hand would not be frozen to the gun with the force of the recoil. The odds of her hands landing where they did are off the charts.(9) I wish I knew Melinda and Trenton but I never met them. (10) I fault the Leesburg Police for not looking into the Ducketts and for being so closed minded. I want answers just like you. And all I have are more questions, just like you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your answers. I'll reread some stuff to see where my understanding went wrong.