Wednesday, September 28, 2011

100,000! Thank You for Your Support

This is only one day's activity of readers of this website. People from all over the world, including Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Hawaii, South America, Europe, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Africa, the Mid East and the United States have spent a lot of time viewing all the articles and documents on my blog "Was It Really Worth It". Thank you ever so much. Together we can help solve this mystery and learn the truth.

I appreciate all the support from other websites. It blew me away when author Dave Lucas who had previously maligned Melinda Duckett in his article "Melinda Duckett Home Business" had a complete turnaround in his opinion of the case after reading this blog and created a button labeled "start" on his website that when you click on it, it brings you directly to my website here.

Websleuths is a very popular forum for crime sleuths which I joined in September 2006 and posted as Maytruthprevail. A fellow poster sindydee who had not been involved with the Trenton Duckett case until recently sent me these encouraging words which were music to my ears.

Then August of this year The Daily Commercial read my article "Josh Duckett - Grieving Father - Send Money" and contacted me for an interview. Here is their front page article "Five Years Gone - One Woman's Search for Trenton Duckett" published on the 5 year anniversary of Trenton Duckett's disappearance August 27, 2006.

Every telephone conversation that I have had with Nancy and Billy Eubank over these past 5 years has ended with a prayer:  Jesus Christ knows what has happened to our precious grandson Trenton. My prayer is that before we die...
ONE DAY...we will know the truth.

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