Monday, January 24, 2011

FDLE - Phil Mitchell Second Interview

This is a copy of the picture of Cara and Phil Mitchell exiting the funeral services of Melinda Duckett on September 15, 2006. Three days prior, Leesburg Police interviewed Phil Mitchell for a second time on September 12, 2006. This time Cara was not with him. And this time the Leesburg Police accused Phil of being with Melinda on the Saturday night before Trenton went missing.

A "witness" (unidentified) stated that they saw Melinda with Phil Mitchell - or at least with a guy that had his mannerisms and "look" - in Daytona Beach on Saturday night and Trenton was WITH them.

Since nothing seemed to come of this - and since it could NOT be verified with Melinda as she was dead during this interview, WHO WAS THIS MYSTERIOUS WITNESS? And of course, as usual, there were NO videos showing Melinda and Trenton.  And WHY did police BELIEVE this witness?

The Leesburg police had Melinda's cell phone pings as to her location...Leesburg on Saturday night. There was a phone call made either to or from Melinda's phone at 8:15 pm. WHY was the identity of the caller not made known?

Here is the FDLE report regarding Phil Mitchell's second interview.


Anonymous said...

Am I reading that correctly? LPD knows EXACTLY where Melinda was the Saturday night before Trenton went missing & it's an "unusual location: according to them? If they knew exactly where she was then why were they still trying to determine her whereabout from the time she left her grandparents house until the time he was reported missing? Wouldn't it make more sense that they would want to know where she was from Sunday am to Sunday night when he was reported missing? Call me stupid, but seems like they had pretty narrow timeline of only Sunday that needed clarifying! And what is this unusual location & the results of Phil's polygraph? I'm going to assume he passed with flying colors like Josh!?

princess_azure said...

James warned Josh that if he was behind the email he was looking at serious jail time. This is also another reason Cara could have went along with Trenton's abduction.

Josh probably threatened to turn Cara in for the email. FWIW , I think she's genuinely remorseful for her part in what happened to Melinda and Trenton. I don't think that she knew Melinda would be killed.

Anonymous said...

If Cara was remorseful, she'd stop lying and tell the truth.

princess_azure said...

@ Anonymous , ITA with you. Maybe she'll confess and face the music for her part. If she really wants to make amends with Melinda's family that's only way it'll happen.