Friday, January 21, 2011

FDLE- Interview Phil Mitchell

This is the first interview by Leesburg Police on September 6, 2006 with Phil Mitchell. Phil is Cara Mitchell's brother and according to Melinda's list of men in her life, he was a "one night stand and an ass hole". Yes, Melinda kept a list, which the police found among her things.  However, according to Phil, he had an ongoing relationship with her. Melinda's grandparents said that they believed Phil loved Melinda and that they know for sure he hated Josh. Phil was the one Josh accused of setting the fire at Carla's flower shop in Bushnell back in April 2005. Both Phil and Cara attended Melinda's funeral, but neither of them would even look at Melinda's parents. Melinda's father said he believed it was because they felt guilty. Gerry Eubank said that when Melinda told him about the threatening email from Josh's myspace, she said she suspected Cara had something to do with it.

Here are the pages from the first interview.


Anonymous said...

I have a really hard time with how the police were thinking at this point. And I also have a hard time with the fact that this guy and her "best friend" didn't know what her apartment number was. I don't buy anything of what these two have said. Yah, Melinda supposedly told them both (or hinted at it) that she sent that email to herself but wouldn't tell them what she needed the money for? How idiotic are these cops? Unbelievable!

MayTruthPrevail, did Melinda ever answer these same questions the police had for "witnesses"? If so, do you have those and are you going to post them?

princess_azure said...

So did Cara send the email to get back at Melinda for not wanting a relationship with her brother?

princess_azure said...

I think Cara knew Josh was planning to take Trenton , I think she was in on that part too. My honest opinion? Cara & Josh may have had something going on. Note how Cara never said WHY she and Melinda fell out.

She had two motives for sending the email; She wanted to get back Melinda for rejecting her brother and to help Josh punish Melinda (read the earlier paragraph). When Cara went along with this plan , I don't think she knew Melinda would end up dead. If Cara had known that would happen I don't think she would have gone along with it.