Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Day...August 26, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006 Melinda wrote in her agenda "lunch?".  This referred to the myspace posting from early Saturday morning (1:11 AM) from Chen to meet for lunch.

Melinda and Trenton arrived at the Eubanks' home in The Villages around 9:30 AM. Melinda did her week of laundry and Trenton played. Billy Eubank had some maintenance to take care of at their church during lunchtime. Nancy prepared lunch for the three of them. She always kept things at the house for Trenton.  Melinda and Trenton took a two hour nap before they had their lunch.  When Billy got back from the church he suggested eating out, but Nancy, Melinda and Trenton had already eaten. Melinda took her folded laundry and left with Trenton around 4:00 - 4:30 PM.  Nancy and Billy went out to eat at a local restaurant after they had left.

Melinda received two myspace postings while she was at the Eubanks'. She usually brought her laptop with her but it doesn't appear that she went on the internet while she was at her grandparents'. However, at 4:20 she sent a message to Aurora about taking a little rest and relaxation (R and R). Apparently she didn't call Ryan Misener (RyBEAR) to come over Saturday night. However, according to the FDLE interview of Ryan Misener she called him Sunday morning to invite him to come to her house that night for a movie.

Here is the timeline created by Leesburg Police Department for Saturday August 26, 2006:

This is after she left the grandparents' in the Villages:

Leesburg police stated that they discovered Melinda purchased gas by finding a billing statement that arrived at an old post office box (that she no longer used) from BP after her death. This was a brand new credit card and this was the first and only statement that she received.  However...the actual credit card was NEVER found. She had approximately 17 credit cards/debit cards but NO BP card. Melinda filled up her gas tank the day before for $32.46 using her debit card. (An Eclipse gets approximately 325 miles to a tank of gas)  She still had plenty of money in her bank account ($726.14) so why would she add a new debt when she was trying to get rid of her debts. And why would she only purchase under $10 in gas and on a credit card, and a brand new one at that.

Speculation on my part:  The actual purchase amount of gas was between $5 and $8. That sounds more like filling up a gas tank for a motorcycle. The old post office box was one she used in Bushnell where she lived with Josh Duckett.  It appears to me that "someone" wanted to place Melinda in a certain area at that time. There also was a telephone call at 8:13 PM that the police have refused to identify on Melinda's timeline. It was stated that Josh Duckett spoke to Melinda that night. But the person who made that statement (Josh's best friend's wife Pamela Stout-Scott) was told to retract that statement (By a call to her mother-in-law - a friend of Carla Massero's).

The Plot thickens.


Anonymous said...

Why has this phone call Saturday evening at 8'ish not been made public by now? Sheesh, how long has it been! People are just going to keep wondering about it, they are not going to forget about it, or Trenton. Trying to keep it hidden just makes it look worse. Either it's nothing being made to look like something, for some reason, or something being made to look like nothing, for some reason. Either way, it looks dishonest!

Maytruthprevail said...

At one point early on, it was thought to have been an "inbound" call at 8'ish and then later changed to "outbound". Actually, if you think about it, the WHOLE "investigation" looks dishonest.

Anonymous said...

there is a man named Murtwitnessone who is speaking very suspiciously about this childs dissapearance, you should really look into this guy more, as of right now he is trying to blame others for the "death" of trenton duckett, I thought this was a case of a kidnapping or disapearance. its very suspicious

Maytruthprevail said...

Murtwitnessone is William Murtaugh. He is the one who wrote the "caretaker" letter and sent it to Leesburg Police. He has pretended to be many things, including the murderer of Trenton. I put him in the same category as Dennis Milstead (impersonated a police officer) and the founder along with his wife Sherri Milstead of Kidfinders Network. These folks are after notoriety and money...mostly money. Both became heavily involved with the Caylee Anthony case (especially when interest in the Trenton Duckett case dwindled)...and donations. Murt is both friend and foe of Laurie Konnerth, another winner.

Maytruthprevail said...

I googled Murt's name and this came up. Pretty much paints an accurate picture.