Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Took Trenton Duckett? Part Two

Here is a picture of a Team Trenton supporter standing outside Trenton's bedroom window.
It was stated that it would be impossible to reach inside and pull Trenton out the window. This woman says she is 5'10 inches tall.

Rockefeller of the Leesburg Police Department stated that it was possible but not probable that Trenton could have been taken out the window in an interview:

Now here is the report from FDLE on the measurements of the window in relationship to the ground both inside and out.

Melinda knew who friggin took Trenton. She waved the restraining order in front of the "cops" in her apartment. While she was upset for having Trenton taken right out from under her nose, she was even more angry. She kicked things in her apartment. Her actions were misinterpreted by the investigating police. They thought this is NOT how a grieved mother acts. But, this child was NOT taken by a stranger. Melinda had been expecting this. She was warned. She tried to get $5,000 to prevent this from happening. She thought she could protect Trenton herself. She only trusted herself. She didn't want to leave him out of her sight. Taking Trenton was just another retaliation tactic by Carla. How dare Melinda take out a restraining order on her son Josh and Carla wanted to have Melinda arrested for "defamation of character".  Here is Deputy Lucas Brown of Sumter County Sheriff Office statement once again. I repost it for emphasis.

Lucas's last statement was that there were no indicators to him (remember he is a policeman) that Melidna Duckett would harm her son Trenton. It also states that Melinda believed that Trenton was taken by Jason Wayne Fort, Carla's live in boyfriend.

Jason Wayne Fort was born January 11, 1980. Carla's birthday is August 3, 1959. Jason rode dirt bikes with Josh, that's how Melinda met him. Jason's mother is Iris Tant Fort Payne. His father, was a fireman with the Bushnell Fire Department and died in 1989.  Iris was best friends with Carla Massero and was one of the persons listed on the temporary restraining order placed on Carla Massero by her son Josh Duckett for harrassment and "trying to take Trenton away from them".
When I requested public records for Jason Fort from FDLE, the only record they sent me was Lucas John Brown's statement containing Jason Fort's name. No interview.

I then requested records from Sumter County Sheriff Office and am waiting for the information. The FDLE recrods cost well over $600. The bill for Jason's records from Sumter is $2.70.  My guess is that Jason was not even interviewed by police about his whereabouts the night Trenton went missing.

Why would Melinda suspect Jason as the one who took Trenton. As Lucas Brown stated, she thought that Josh would not have the backbone to actually do it. And while the motive is retalliation by Carla Massero who sent her "gofer" guy to get her grandson, could Jason Fort be physically able to take Trenton out the window?

And Melinda Duckett stated in her interview that she, Chris Pearce and Danny Bass all heard a car door slam outside the apartment. Here is what Melinda said in her interview:

So "Who Took Trenton Duckett?

Here's the answer from Melinda Duckett:

Now when they air the tv program "Vanished" hosted by Beth Holloway featuring Trenton Duckett on May 9th think about what REALLY happened that night and WHO benefited the most. WHO had the motive?   WHO took Trenton Duckett?


Anonymous said...

This whole case makes me angry, but when I re-read Melinda's statements and the "investigator's" questions I get irate. WTF does he mean by "you know with the grandmothers there's usually love" or whatever he says??? In his neck of the woods do all mothers hate their children and the grandmothers are full of love???? I hate that guy. Sorry, but I do. Melinda was set up from the very f***n beginning. Melinda's grandparents need to take all of this information that you so painstakenly and lovingly put together to an investigator to re-open the case.

BTW, I almost PUKED when I saw that commercial for Beth Hollaway's Vanished and saw Josh's face! He makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Poor BH, she has no idea at all . . . I will bet she is unaware of the thousands of posts supporting Melinda on many sites that have been going on daily since the day Trenton went missing. One of these day's mtp you will turn over a rock that will finally begin to unravel the lies. You need to do a show that reveals how Melinda was being stalked, manipulated, humiliated, and lied about to authorities.

Anonymous said...

What is the show that is supposed to air tonight, I can't find any information on "Vanished".. can you list the network/time? I am a childhood friend of Melinda's and have been watching your site avidly as I also feel she was greatly wronged.

Maytruthprevail said...

The show's season starts tonight hosted by Beth Holloway called Vanished. In South Florida it starts at 10 PM. There will also be another show on Wednesday
May 11th. Each episode will feature a missing person. Josh appeared in the show's "promotional trailer"
Here is the link:

Maytruthprevail said...

According to the list of episodes scheduled for Vanished the Duckett case will appear on June 13, 2011.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This blog is absolutely fascinating. If you Google Laurie Konnerth she is apparently very active behind the scenes with blogs connected to Caylee and Haleigh's cases. The current scandal and accusations pitting one self proclaimed "child advocate" against another is very interesting.

There are just too many shady people connected to these missing children cases. At the very least, the monies collected on behalf of missing or murdered children should be thoroughly investigated. So many blogs have donation buttons and groups such as TES collect donations as well. ALL should be required to open their books to public scrutiny. Where is the IRS in such cases?

Anonymous said...

I love that you are still so diligent with trying to find out what happened! Keep up the good work!

princess said...

I, as well as 8 other women are being stalked and harassed online by Laurie Konnerth and her friends. They have been cyberstalking us for over two years and have gone so far as posting the names of our children online. There is more...much, much more. I did not follow the Duckett case, but my heart is heavy when I think of what a young mother must have endured at the hands of this HORRIBLE, EVIL woman. She is rotten to the very core and as far as I am concerned she has blood on her hands with Melinda's death. I am a grown woman and she has caused me great distress.

Anonymous said...

Laurie Konnerth aka Parkay and her freak friend Lori Laird aka Lulu have spent the better part of 3 years stalking and harassing my sister in law, thinking that she is someone else. There is a pattern of abuse and outright criminal behavior. These two idiots are NOT child advocates. and yes you can demand a detailed itemized list of donations and expenditures of 501c compliant charities, all you have to do is write the charity and if they don't comply file a complaint with the IRS. Konnerth was involved with Kidfinders Network so that should tell you exactly what you need to know about where the money went, and it wasn't for Trenton Duckett. These two women are just so offensive, using the guise of dead & missing children as a means to stalk and harass people. To give you one last thing to think about, they are the main supporters of a man you know as Murt, (google Murt) the man who stated he wanted to F*ck Caylee Anthony - it's in the court doc's released by the state of FL. That's their main guy, and while their buddy wants sex with kids, those two are asking YOU to send them MONEY! Team Duckett NO! NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Beth Holloway was not well informed about this case, or other than her own daughter's, has to depend on the production team - and they are going to want people, guilty or innocent on TV that leaves Josh and his serial killer wife and possible arsonist, out right liar mother as the two who are still alive to spew whatever garbage that might lead to a few more tax free dollars they can collect on the back of poor dead Trenton and Melinda. No mention of their despicable pedigree or their outright lies and crimes, how convenient for them!

I do pity Beth but she's taking a paycheck to disseminate more lies and bunk for cash presenting to the public a vastly different scenario that the documented truth about Trenton's abduction and murder. I hope the show is cancelled because if they were this "off" on the Duckett murder I believe other cases are being misrepresented as well. I do hope Beth is able to resolve within herself that like Trenton the truth of what happened to her daughter will also never truly be known, because like Van Der Sloot the players are psychopathic liars and are financial scammers making money from their crimes. I believe there is more in common with the Ducketts and the Van Der Sloots than people realize. More deaths and crimes are on the horizon, which baby mama will be next?

princess_azure said...

Because you mention Jason Fort in this article I can't help but notice something; Carla's second husband was only 17 years old when they first started dating. Now she's with a man who is almost the same age as her sons. Couple that with what we know about Carla's father and her nephew and it paints a disturbing picture. I guess that um...preference runs in the Roberts clan.

What family court judge in their right mind would give these people custody of any child? I guess Carla felt Trenton would be better being exposed to drug addicts and child molesters than being raised by Melinda. Why did she think Melinda was bad mother? Because she was Asian?

Anonymous said...

One of your posters put a comment saying on the backs of dead Trenton and Melinda. Do they know something the rest of the world doesn't know? No one has said Trenton is dead. Personally I'm praying he's alive and well and happy!