Friday, December 3, 2010

One Big Question

Josh Duckett languished on the Nancy Grace show of September 26, 2006 that DCF lost a 6 1/2 hour tape recording of Trenton crying. Here are his comments:

So then, how did Denise Nevers of FDLE (in part of the public records released to me) state that she listened to the "heart-wrenching" tapes? And then SHE recommended to DCF that Trenton be given sole custody to his day before Melinda died?


princess_azure said...

Huh? That didn't even make any sense. Carla needs to coach her son better.

Anonymous said...

In the letter that you posted, from Steven Brady to John King and others, do you have any idea what he is talking about when he says, "Didn't you also want to mention what you discovered about the fraudulent email during the course of the investigation?"

Did Denise find out something more about that supposed email that they didn't want made public? Inquiring minds sure would like to know..