Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Tan Car

Princess Azure this is for you and anyone else who has an interest in this.  Here is your comment you wrote today March 14, 2010 12:50 PM:

princess_azure said...

Just now I was reading on the You be the judge board (the site I linked you to in my last comment) and there is a rumor that an officer saw a tan car with a little boy being pushed to the floor. The driver(s?) didn't want anybody to see this child , why is that? If this rumor is true there is chance that the little boy may have been Trenton. If this is true this may the break in the case we need!

IDK , I'm inclined to believe it.

Here is the public records from the Tan Car incident. Lt. Kevin Vaughn was running for sheriff of Volusia County in 2008.


By Gary Taylor, Sentinel Staff Writer
October 19, 2008

"In the Nov. 4 election, Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson is being challenged by another veteran lawman, Kevin N. Vaughn, who is on leave from the Florida Highway Patrol for his first run for public office. Johnson, 58, and Vaughn, 43, have spent most of their adult lives in law enforcement, and they are competing to run an agency that provides law enforcement for unincorporated Volusia County and three cities -- Deltona, DeBary and Pierson. History Johnson is seeking his third four-year term as sheriff. "

Lt Vaughn had a forum for questions. I asked him about the Tan Car incident where there was a possibilty that Trenton could have been the child in that car. Kevin Vaughn replied to my post to look up the case number, which I did and is posted below. He didn't win the election.


princess_azure said...

Isn't Kevin Vaughn the officer that was accused of having sex with Melinda on the job? Perhaps this was deemed an unauthorized chase because these cops are covering for their friends.

If this child wasn't Trenton why shove him down in the seat? The walls are closing in on the Ducketts.

Maytruthprevail said...

No, it is not the same person. The Bushnell officer was Duane E Vaughan and this officer involved with the tan car is Kevin Vaughn.

princess_azure said...

Earlier when I typed this blog's URL into I came across something interesting. Do you remember our anonymous friend? As it turns out , Josh sent those people here. I know this for a fact. How? Google cache.

On the duckett64 page his status said; "dealin with the stupid duckettbucket . this is a page where all they do is bash my family and i. take a look , tell them what u think THANKS".

If you like , I can send you the link to the cached page. Something else , compare the writing style to that in the threatening email. We are to believe that Melinda was able to duplicate Josh's writing style that degree. The Ducketts have done everything but confess.

I guess anybody who dares to tell the truth is bashing his family. There are NO documents to prove Josh's side of the story , what are we supposed to believe?